Delete Duplicate Posts Updated to v2.2

DDP dashboard

Delete Duplicate Posts is a WordPress plugin that can delete duplicate posts on your WordPress installation either manually or automatically!

It happens from time to time your WordPress site gets a lot of duplicate posts, and there is no easy way to delete them all.

With Delete Duplicate Posts it is easy to detect and delete duplicate blogposts.

Not only can you choose to keep the first version of the duplicate posts, you can also set DDP to keep the latest duplicate post and delete all the old ones instead. (Filtered via post id).

Version 2.2. also introduces compatibility with WP Total Cache and WP Super Cache so when duplicate posts are deleted, the page cache of either plugin is immediately updated.

This version is tested and working fine with WordPress 3.1, and I also optimized the code for more speed and stability.

Oh yeah, and Delete Duplicate Posts also has an option to run automatically on your blog once a day! Keeping your blog nice and tidy, should something happen while you are not looking.

V 2.2 changelog

= 2.2 =

  • New feature: Keep either the oldest or latest post (default is ‘oldest’). Feature suggested by Adam Kochanowicz
  • New feature: W3 Total Cache pages and WP Super Cache compability.
  • Several minor fixes, code optimizations, etc.
  • WordPress 3.1 compatibility verified.


Download Delete Duplicate Posts

This WordPress plugin is free to use, and is hosted on Plugin Repository. Go here to download the latest version:


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Hello. I am running WordPress 3.1. Your great plugin has found numerous duplicate posts, but when I click the option to remove the duplicates, the screen refreshes and nothing was removed.


Nevermind. It seems to be working. Thanks.

Hello. I am running WordPress 3.0.1 and your plugin (latest version) has found numerous duplicate posts, but when I click the option to remove the duplicates, the screen refreshes and nothing was removed, so I downgraded to 2.1. Any thought ? Thanks.

Hi Jerry

Dave just wrote about something similar (previous comments). I have difficulty reproducing this on my test-sites :-/

what do you mean by duplicate post exactly ? A post on your blog and the same post in your archives ? sorry, I don’t understand…

Hello i like your Plugin but why cant we since the Update not Remove the Ad in configuaration settings???

Hi Marco

Thank you. The reason the ad is there to advertise my other, commercial, plugins. I have decided not to re-add this feature of removing the add, but I have recently re-introduced the feature of removing the backlink to in the settings page.

Hi there-

Could you explain what the “Limit to maximum” option means exactly? The plugin is saying I don’t have any duplicate posts, but I do. I’m wondering if this has something to do with it..

Thanks for the great plugin!

Hi John

The “Limit to maximum” was added for people having their servers running on shared hosting plans. If your site had thousands of duplicates, the query takes quite some time. This feature means you can limit the number of duplicates.

You say you have duplicates, but the plugin does not find them? The plugin works by checking identical titles, does your duplicates share identical title also, or?

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