FREE Social Bookmark List


I have just published a massive list of 5.187 Social Bookmark sites as a FREE bonus to all members.

  • 4.398 Pligg sites +
  • 528 PHPDug sites +
  • 261 Scuttle sites =
  • 5.187 Bookmark sites!

The list comes both as separate text files for each site type as well as a combined list ready to import into your bookmarking software.

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Thanks For These Sites i am very thankful to you i wish let me know if any new social Bookmarking sites you will add.

Hi smanuva

I will make sure to send out a notification to all CleverPlugins members when I add or update anything in the members area :-)

how i can download this list..?? i am member on this site but yet not receive any list!! why? plz help

This zip contains a virus and a trojan. Go F- YOURSELF!

dear c5272229
I have just downloaded and re-verified that no virus nor trojan has sneaked in…
I also opened each .txt file and checked that there is nothing but URLS to websites. Maybe one of those urls have been hacked or marked with a trojan (that happens for unsecure sites) and that triggered an alert in your virus checker?
At least its nice to see my efforts are appreciated.

Your virus program may be too sensitive to downloads or doesn’t recognize zip files.

Hi sweattshop

Really, already? These sites pop up and disappear lighting fast :-(

It took several days of collecting and filtering to even getting to 5.000 working (at the time).

I chose a really high number with the hope that a majority of the list of social bookmarking sites would still remain working for a while :-/

Thanks for the huge list of social bookmarking.. it will help me..

I hope the files are still working, just downloaded it.

No virus found by the way.

Thanks for sharing

Thank’s for list of social bookmarking, it make me easy to bookmark my weblog.

Thanks for shearing this .. if anybody have any good article list then Pl z sheare this also .

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