SEO Booster for WordPress

Knowledge is power and SEO Booster helps you discover which keywords visitors use to find your content.

Google has stopped telling us website owners which keywords people use to find our websites, we can collect information from other search engines.

This can help you discover new keywords you have not thought about or if your strategy needs tweaking.

SEO Booster also listens to visits from other websites and collects a list for you to use for cleaning up your backlink profile or how to focus your link building efforts.

There are many cool features, check them out below or click the button if you cannot wait.

Powerful and unique SEO features

"I wasn’t sure just who my most faithful readers were online but thanks to SEO Booster I now know precisely who they are and what they like.

SEO Booster has certainly influenced the way I work with the info that is now easily available to me. My search engine traffic has increased by at least 500% since installing this plugin."

- Venus O'Hara

"I’ve noticed a net increment (or should I say boost?) to ranking of my blog with pages that went from 20th position in Google ranking to 1!!!!

This is simply amazing, and the latest version is the greatest plugin I’ve seen so far for WordPress!"

- Daniel Lethe