WooCommerce Review Plugin – Advanced Review Reminder

WooCommerce review plugin sends out email reminders for reviews from your customers. Increase awareness of your products and get unique content for your webshop.

Inject keyword in title

An old feature from version 1. that was not implemented in version 2 was recently requested on the forum. The feature is “Inject keyword in title tag” and added the most popular keyword to the title tag. This little setting allows you to add the most popular known keyword from the current page and append […]

SB2 2.0.4 – WordPress 3.8 Ready and more

I have just released the latest version of SEO Booster 2. The new version has been prepared and tested for the upcoming WordPress 3.8. The next major release of WordPress will feature a revamped admin interface and it was necessary to make some changes to match the new look. As part of the HTML cleanup […]

Bootstrap, AJAX keywords, backlink thumbnails – what an update

The latest update of dynamic WordPress SEO plugin, SEO Booster 2 includes new design (via Bootstrap), new features and bugfixes.

v 2.0 pre-release

Version 1.9.9 of SEO Booster has just been released and it contains a lot of new cool stuff and a ton of bugfixes. Read on for the details on this release.

SEO Booster – Multilingual, theme functions, speed, bugfixes – version

New version of SEO Booster which has a lot of improvements. Creating and building SEO Booster v.2 is a lot of work, but it is also a lot of fun! :-)

SEO Booster – Faster and better v.

The new beta version of SEO Booster 2, called, has several improvements. The feature set is almost complete for the version 2.0 release, and I’m running out of version 1.9.9.x numbers anyway Special thanks to Nulled for his help in testing and feedback There are several changes in this new version, here are the […]

SEO Booster

SEO Booster is closing in on the version 2.0 SEO Booster was originally created back in 2008, and recoding the plugin takes a lot of time, also to introduce many of the cool new features that is planned. This version fixes bugs, and introduces new features as well as some old one from the v.1 […]

SEO Booster

New version of SEO Booster released. Version contains a couple of fixes, new features and more search engines.

SEO Booster

New version of SEO Booster – Introduces a couple of fixes and new features such as latest SEO traffic and a list of currently supported Search Engines.