Cool features in SEO Booster

Discover new keywords

Discover what your visitor searches for on search engines to find your website. Google and Yandex have stopped sharing information about what people search for, but there are hundreds of other search engines who still does.

SEO Booster is trained to listen to 490+ different search engine sources and get which keyword was used.

Disclaimer: SEO Booster cannot do magic. If the people behind a search engine does not share keyword information, the plugin just registers a search engine visitor came by.

Make Keywords -> Links

You can use the discovered keywords to create internal links automatically.

For example - Every time the keyword "blue widgets" is used, the plugin will automatically link to the page related to "blue widgets".

Also comes with manual keyword feature and even works great with Yoast SEO Focus Keyword feature.

Who links to you?

Links from other websites are tracked for you. Use this data find new backlinks or to use to disavow unsavory links to you.

The Pro version also checks each link to see if it is a fake backlink from spammers, checks which keyword the backlink uses, if its an image or a no-followed link.

404 Not Found Monitoring

Constantly keeping an eye out for missing pages and links on your website.

Dynamic Widgets

Dynamic Link Widget – cross-link to other pages with search term links.

Dynamic Keyword Widget – show incoming search terms to the current page.

Automatically tag posts and pages

Use the incoming keywords as tags, make sure your content is marked with relevant tags, and you can even tag other related posts, all automatically!

Not your average SEO plugin

This is not a replacement for the excellent WordPress SEO plugins such as the excellent Yoast SEO or All in One SEO. These are excellent plugins and SEO Booster works just fine alongside either - doing its own thing.

What can SEO Booster do for you?

Do you wonder what keywords are bringing your website traffic?

If you work with SEO, you already know that Google won't tell you. SEO Booster listens to hundreds of search engines and gets you much more keyword data from your visitors. This plugin also has many more cool features that can help your website SEO.

Developed, tweaked and improved since 2008.

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