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SEO Booster is a Dynamic WordPress SEO plugin.

SEO Booster

Dynamic SEO plugin for WordPress

SEO Booster monitors incoming traffic and gathers keywords and search terms from hundreds of supported search engines.

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Check out the documentation for SEO Booster or review the FAQ. If you are looking for help the support forums can be worth a visit also.

WooCommerce Cross-Seller

WooCommerce Cross-Seller

Sell more to your existing customers. Send out suggested products to your customers. Every new customer gets customized emails with product suggestions

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5 Easy To Use SEO Reporting Tools

You work hard at your business and at keeping your website relevant, efficient, and easy-to-use. But how do you know if your hard work is paying off in terms of SEO? Here are 5 SEO reporting tools to help you quantify your efforts.

5 Easy WordPress SEO Tips

If you operate a website, you know proper search engine optimization is important. When it comes to running a WordPress site, SEO is everything!

In fact, good SEO separates the high-quality WordPress sites from the amateurs.

Are you doing it right? Here are some quick WordPress SEO tips to improve your site in a few clicks of your mouse.

5 Organic SEO Tips to Increase Your Traffic

Organic SEO growth is the only reliable way to move your way up in the Google rankings, but it isn't easy! The smart use of keywords, link building, and backlinking takes effort and it can be tempting to ignore organic SEO tips in favor of trying to trick search...

Why You Need to Harden WordPress Accounts to Prevent Attacks

Harden WordPress Accounts to Prevent Attacks Your blog is your baby, which is why it is important to harden your WordPress account. Read here why you need to harden WordPress accounts! The internet is a dangerous place these days. If you live on the internet like the...

Top Plugins for WordPress that Increase Conversions

We all want our websites to increase conversions, and we're sharing the top plugins for your Wordpress site to get the job done. Check them out here. There are a huge number of amazing, top plugins out there that can help you with all sorts of things. From making your...

When It’s Yoast vs All in One SEO Pack, Who Wins?

SEO itself is a moving target and companies that build SEO plugins are constantly having to change their software to fit what Google is doing at the moment.
There are two SEO plugins that dominate the market today.

Revisiting old posts – years later

I recently rediscovered some old content from my old blog on another website. I have teased some of the content on my Google+ page and a couple on Twitter @cleverplugins. (Fair warning, ...

How to fetch and display WordPress plugin information

A simple piece of code to fetch plugin information about any plugin hosted on wordpress.org and display on your own website. If you have built your own plugins and publish them on wordpress.org, you might want to display some basic stats about the plugin. With this...

WordPress Optimization Tips – header.php

A regular task in my work is to improve the speed of a website. There are many places to tweak, but a place I always go to look for some easy improvements is the header.php file.

301 redirects for 404 spam pages – WordPress Style

This is a repost from my old website. If your WordPress website has ever been hacked, you know there is a lot of cleaning up to do after cleaning up the database, files and of course spiced up your security, right? In many cases the hackers use the hacked website to...

SEO Booster 2.2 released

I'm very happy to announce SEO Booster 2 and cleverplugins.com have seen significant updates. The last post I made about SEO Booster 2 was around version 2.0.14 and quite a few things have happened since, check out the changelog for all that has been going on. A few...

SEO Booster – Inject keyword in title

Inject popular keywords in the <title>-tag! An old feature from the version 1-series that was not implemented in version 2 was recently requested on the forum. The feature is "Inject keyword in title tag" and added the most popular keyword to the title tag. This...

SB2 2.0.4 – WordPress 3.8 Ready and more

I have just released the latest version of SEO Booster 2. The new version has been prepared and tested for the upcoming WordPress 3.8.

The next major release of WordPress will feature a ...

How to automate SEO reporting!

Collecting and gathering the information for just a few Search Engine Optimization projects can be difficult and very time-consuming.

With a few SEO tools, services and investments you can build a system that runs automatically and leaves you time to focus on the more challenging aspects of building SEO strategies.

Barry Hughes Interview

Barry Hughes is a Scottish WordPress developer, based in in Canada. Barry was kind enough to answer some questions about himself and his work.

Hello Barry. Thank you for doing this interview. Please ...

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