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SEO Booster 3 for WordPress

Information and features that other SEO plugins do not provide.

More keyword insights from your visitors.

Monitor traffic from 600+ sources and take it a step further with automatic internal linking.

Developed, tweaked and improved since 2008.

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Discover how SEO Booster can give you more insights and improve your SEO on your website.

Protecting thousands of WordPress Websites from hackers

Security Ninja for WordPress

  • Fix complicated security issues with one click.
  • Firewall - Instant protection from 600+ millions of bad IPs
  • Country Blocking - Prevent visitors from any country to visit your site
  • Malware Scanner - find and fix malicious and suspicious code
  • Check and fix any WordPress core files that have been modified
  • Events Logger - Know everything that's going on your site.
  • Scheduled Scans - Automate checking your website and get warned of any problems

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