SEO Booster 3 Pro

  • Easy AJAX keyword table to discover keywords Great way to discover new keyword combinations visitors use to find your website
  • Discover new backlinks and verify they exist Fake referrer link spam is stil alive and well - filter out the fake backlinks
  • Search engine crawler discovery Know which search engines crawled your website and when
  • Works great with Yoast SEO and other SEO pluginsThis is not an alternativ, its a ... boost
  • Many other exciting features404 error detection, backlink discovery, Google PageSpeed Insights testing (with API key) and more... Tweaked and improved since 2008
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Information and features that other SEO plugins do not provide.

Get more keyword insights from your visitors.

With this plugin, your website monitors traffic from 600+ sources and takes it a step further with automatic internal linking.

Developed, tweaked, and improved since 2008.

Ready to find out more?

Discover how SEO Booster can give you more insights and improve your SEO on your website.

Delete Duplicate Posts

Delete Duplicate Posts is a plugin for WordPress that does exactly what the name says.

Get rid of duplicates in WordPress

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Security Ninja for WordPress

WordPress Security Made Easy

Protect your website from hackers trying to break in.

Complete WordPress site protection with firewall, malware scanner, scheduled scans, security tests, and much more - all you need to keep your website secure.

  • Easy installation with wizard
  • Fix complicated security issues with one click.
  • Firewall - Instant protection from 600+ millions of bad IPs
  • Country Blocking - Prevent visitors from any country to visit your site
  • Malware Scanner - find and fix malicious and suspicious code
  • Check and fix any WordPress core files that have been modified
  • Events Logger - Know everything that's going on your site.
  • Scheduled Scans - Automate checking your website and get warned of any problems
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About cleverplugins

We create clever plugins for WordPress that extend the functionality of your website.

Since 2008 we have published several different plugins that helped our users improve traffic and their websites.

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