You want to have a great website. You want your site to be usable and to have great content, and you want it to be one of the “go to” places for people who are in your niche. However, if your website is not up to par, people are going to look you over and move on to your competitors instead. The following are ten things that you will want to make sure you avoid with your website.

Cluttered Design

Sure, you want your site to look great. However, this can often lead to a cluttered overall design. You do not have to include everything and the kitchen sink on your website. Instead, you want to err on the side of lean and mean for your site. Think about the features that your readers and customers are going to want, and make sure that you have a sleek website that provides you with a layout that is going to be easy for your visitors to use.

While you want to have branding on your site, of course, you also do not want to have too much going on regarding graphics and colors. You want the site to match well with your branding.

Poor Navigation

UX and SEOWhen people arrive at your site, they want to be able to find what they need as quickly as possible. Even if they are just browsing the site, they want to have a nice and easy way to get around and know where they are located.

Having a great navigational structure for your site is essential. No matter where someone is on your website, they should be able to get to any other area of your site with one or two clicks at most.

It not only helps your users, it will also help your SEO effort if you effectively structure and control the links on the site, check out more tips on how to improve your user experience and why it matters for SEO.

If you try to add a complex navigational system because you think it looks great or is novel, it could be more of a problem than a benefit. Often, simple is best when it comes to navigation.

Pages that Load Slowly

People today tend to have very short attention spans, and they do not like to wait. If you have a site that loads slowly, people are just going to click off your site and find something else that interests them. If your site loads slowly, someone would have to be very interested in the site to stay on it and to keep visiting. Make sure your website and blog are optimized, and you will find that the pages load faster.

Video or Music that Starts Automatically

There are still some sites out there that try this tactic. Often, they are restaurants or hotels, but many other types of sites still believe that this is a good option. It is not, however. If you have a website that starts playing music or playing the video automatically, it is not going to impress your visitors. Instead, it is going to annoy them, and they are going to want to turn it off. Video can be great, but not when it starts playing as soon as the page loads. It should be an option for the visitor to click on and watch the video, not something that happens automatically.

Too Many Images

Images are also great for your website. However, you do not want to go overboard on the images. Keep the images that you put onto your site relevant, and make sure that they are needed for the blog posts or the pages that you have created. Do not simply put up pictures for the sake of having more images on your site.

Also, when you add the images, make sure they are optimized so they are not taking up too much space on the site, which could cause it to slow down.

Too Many Ads

There are many websites today that are guilty of this. Whether they are your ads, or ads that you are placing on your site in the hopes of making money through affiliates, having too many ads is problematic. People do not like ads. They will put up with some ads, but when you have them plastered all over the site, or when they pop up, they are going to annoy your visitors.

Keyword Stuffing

The keywords that are on your site and in your content should flow naturally. They should not be forced into the material, and you should never try to stuff the keywords into the writing that you are doing. When you are writing strong content, discussed below, you will find that the keywords and phrases simply come out naturally.

Poor Quality Content

The content that you are creating for your site needs to be of high quality if you hope your readers are going to keep coming back and if you want them to share the content.

This does not mean you need to have award-winning writing, of course. It simply means that the posts you are writing, and the other content that you are creating needs to be something that is going to appeal to your niche audience. It needs to be something they want whether it serves to teach them something or it is just entertainment.

Check out our article on how to improve the quality of your site content.

Not Checking Your Links

It is a good idea to go through your site on occasion and look at all of the links that you have. Check to make sure that those links are not broken, and if they are, you will want to fix them or remove them. People are not going to be fond of clicking on a link only to find a 404 error page awaiting them.

Not Linking With Social Networking Sites

Social media is a fantastic way to get more attention to your website and the content that you are creating. You should have links on your posts that lead to social networks so that people can share your content. Also, be sure to post links on those sites to your blog posts and encourage people to share them.

While there are other things that you will want to avoid with your site, such as not updating regularly, you will find that tend to be 10 of the most significant problems. If you can eliminate these issues, you will have a much better overall website.