4 Steps to Upload and Embed PDF Files to WordPress Sites

Learning how to upload PDF files to WordPress sites and how to embed PDF in WordPress is easy. Uploading can be done without any additions while embedding requires a plugin. We will walk you through how to perform each action in this step by step guide.

Uploading a PDF File to WordPress Posts and Pages

This is a simple method that does not require the use of any plugins.

Step 1

Press the edit button on the post or page you wish to add the PDF file. You should now see the post editor screen and you need to click the “Add Media” button.

Step 2

The WordPress media uploader popup opens and you need to click the “Add New” button. You can now select the PDF file you wish to upload.

Step 3

The file will be uploaded to your site but will not be inserted into your page yet and you will be able to see a thumbnail preview of the PDF. Pressing the “Edit” button will grant the opportunity to give your file a title, a caption and a description.

You may also choose how to link the file. The default is to link to the entire PDF file but it is possible to send users to the attachment page where they will see a thumbnail preview of your PDF’s first page.

Step 4

Click the “Insert into Post” button to add the selected file to your post or page. The media uploaded closes and you can now see your PDF file download link in the editor.

That’s it! You have successfully uploaded a PDF file to your WordPress site for download.

Embedding a PDF file in WordPress Post or Page

This is a method to display a PDF document inside any WordPress post or page using a plugin.

Step 1

Install and then activate the Google Doc Embedder plugin.

Step 2

Visit the Settings page and navigate to GDE settings. This allows you to change details such as the embedder language, height or width. The default options are likely fine but it is good practice to familiarise yourself with these settings.

Step 3

Navigate to the page where you wish to embed the PDF file and press the edit post button. Like before you want to use the “Add Media” button to upload the document. However, you do not want to insert the file into the post. Instead, copy the file URL and close the asset window.

Step 4

Press the icon for the Google Docs Embedder in the WordPress editor. In the popup window that appears, paste the URL you just copied from the PDF you uploaded and press the “Insert” button.

A shortcode will be added in the WordPress editor. If you publish the post, you will be able to navigate to the page and see the embedded file.


Now you know a simple 4 step process that lets you either add a PDF for download or embed it directly into your post or page with the use of a plugin. It is also possible to use c# library to print PDF files that are available through either method if you require a hard copy.

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