SEO is an important tool when it comes to generating organic traffic. Actionable images are a key element of SEO. Research shows 20% of web owners in the USA get their images from Google. Many websites are not keen on SEO when it comes to images.

When SEO for images is well optimized, it has a lot of advantages to the website. The website loads faster and gives the user good navigation on the site. Let’s get started on tricks that will help in maximizing SEO for images.

1. Reduce the size of your images

One of the tricks of image SEO is to compress the image into a smaller image. Images with high kilobytes make to be slow when loading. A slow-loading website makes the user have a bad experience with the website. With a negative experience, there will be low or no traffic on the website.

As a web owner, take advantage of a free tool to compress your images. For example, WordPress is offering a short pixel WordPress plugin for free. If you want to spend cash, a premium site can help compress your photos.

2. Give a description or a caption about the image

One of the mistakes made by website owners is failing to describe the image. Web owners assume the image is self-explanatory. Understand that Google is not a human to understand every image. Make sure everything in the article is well explained.

Google uses captions and site information to understand the image. Write a description related to the website content. You can use a keyword. Make sure not to stuff the keyword.

3. Take advantage of content delivery networks

At times a website can be having visitors from a different continent. Thus, the images on the website can be slower to load due to the distance. So, link building for the images on the website is advisable.

Content delivery networks help you host your images on a different server. When your visitors are viewing the image, they will view it from the server near them. The image will load faster since it is available on the CDN server.

4. Get a genuine SEO firm

Learning SEO can be a hard topic. As a web owner, you should not give up your site if you do not understand SEO. Get an SEO agency that will make sure your images are well-placed. A genuine SEO firm will make sure you have a high lank on google.

5. Do not copy-paste photos on the internet

Not all images should be copy-pasted. Copyright is a serious offence punishable with huge sums of money. Try to and make sure your images are as original as possible. Reusable images are available on google.


SEO is the best way to target organic traffic. The correct use of images will bring more traffic to the site. Before posting an article, reduce the image’s size, write a caption, use the CDN, and use original photos.If SEO is hard for you, hire an SEO firm to take care of your images.