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This website was started in 2008 with the goal of creating innovative and clever WordPress plugins.

I created Cleverplugins in 2008 where the WordPress environment was still new and not quite as big and evolved as it has become.

I had at the time been working as a consultant for years and had started working with WordPress a little earlier. I wanted to create some plugins and hoping it would provide a little extra income on the site.

At the time I had just the one plugin, SEO Booster and it quickly found some fans online. One magic day a guy named Tony Lindskog wrote me about buying the plugin, and we started up a conversation via email.

We quickly became friends and talked online daily until deciding to join forces and grow the website bigger. Today Tony is no longer with us, but the company has continued, now with a focus on fewer plugins.

Who does the typing?

My name is Lars Koudal and I develop custom WordPress websites for in my consultancy company Larsik Corp.

I started cleverplugins in 2008 when I was living in Barcelona as a platform for the many WordPress plugins I ended up developing and selling.

Today I live and work in Miami with my wife and two cats.

About me

I was born and raised by two loving parents in a small town outside an even smaller town in the middle of Denmark.

I studied media production, marketing, basic copyright law and design at the Interactive Media & Marketing Academy in Denmark. (Danish Wikipedia page).

While I was a student, I worked on the CGI team behind a Danish movie – “Webmaster.” Read more about the film on the IMDB page. At the time I was very interested in 3D/CGI, and that was the focus early on in my career.

The same company behind the movie was later re-hired another student and me to produce the computer games as well as the interactive elements for the TV show, “Det perfekte kup” (“The Perfect Score”).

This show was made for Danish, Swedish, Norwegian and UK channels and was later adopted by a Dutch television channel.

My next job was 3D Artist/Compositor working on countless TV commercials, CD-Roms (yep, I was there that time) and 3D instructional videos. It leads on to a career with running my consultancy in Denmark for ten years doing 3D presentation material, web design, and production on many different platforms.

As part of my freelance career, I worked for Electronic Arts as a freelance Linguistic Tester. For over seven years I worked on a lot of different titles for PC, Nintendo, Xbox, and PlayStation platforms.

Katya Olson & Lars Koudal

I moved to Barcelona in late 2008 as an SEO/PPC Manager in the new European HQ for a media agency.

Early 2009 I made the move to work full-time as a freelance WordPress and SEO consultant.

I have been living since 2015 in Miami with my wife.

Read more about me on my company website or my LinkedIn profile.

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