Find available domains in ANY niche!

Having a keyword-specific domain name for a target niche can have a huge impact for your SEO – Search Engine Optimization.

I am going to share a method for finding high traffic keyword niche specific domains, using only FREE online tools!

The tools we are going to use:

1. Find keywords

First of all we will need to find a niche, and in this example I will use “acne“.

Go to the Google External Keyword Tool, and set up your search.

Click the “Advanced options” to tweak your search

You can choose any region and language you want, in this example I choose English and all countries, but this process can be used for any language supported by Google Keyword Tool, and for all domain endings (.com, .info, .net, .dk, etc) supported by the GoDaddy Bulk Domain searcher.

Click the “Ideas containing my search terms” option to limit your search, otherwise the keyword tool will return related keywords also.

I limited the search to only return keywords containing my search (“acne”) to make sure the keywords are targeted to the “acne” niche.

After you have searched you will be presented with a list of 100 keywords. You can have more results if you log in via your Google account.

You can choose to just download the entire list, I choose in this example to load the top 30 performing keywords (number of global monthly searches).

Download selected keywords

2. Prepare a list to check

Choose to download the list as CSV for Excel and save it to your machine.

Unzip the file and open the .csv file in your spreadsheet application.

Open the .csv file

When you import the file remember to check the settings are set to separate by “Tabs”!

Verify import settings

Before you check the available domains, you need to take a copy of the list, open it in a text editor and do a search-replace of ” ” (spaces) with “-” (hyphens).

Find and Replace

This way you can check all the keywords for both with and without a hyphen. GoDaddy’s bulk checker automatically removes any spaces before it searches.

Here are the two combined lists, giving us a total of 60 domain names to check. GoDaddy currently supports up to 500 domains at a time.

  • acne
  • acne treatment
  • acne treatments
  • treatment of acne
  • treatment for acne
  • acne scarring
  • acne scars
  • getting rid of acne
  • get rid of acne
  • skin acne
  • acne laser
  • best acne
  • back acne
  • how to get rid of acne
  • treatments for acne
  • acne remedies
  • rid of acne scars
  • free acne
  • get rid of acne spots
  • get rid of acne scars
  • laser acne therapy
  • acne on back
  • acne products
  • acne cream
  • laser acne treatment
  • acne laser treatment
  • acne removal
  • home remedies for acne
  • acne home remedies
  • clear acne
  • acne
  • acne-treatment
  • acne-treatments
  • treatment-of-acne
  • treatment-for-acne
  • acne-scarring
  • acne-scars
  • getting-rid-of-acne
  • get-rid-of-acne
  • skin-acne
  • acne-laser
  • best-acne
  • back-acne
  • how-to-get-rid-of-acne
  • treatments-for-acne
  • acne-remedies
  • rid-of-acne-scars
  • free-acne
  • get-rid-of-acne-spots
  • get-rid-of-acne-scars
  • laser-acne-therapy
  • acne-on-back
  • acne-products
  • acne-cream
  • laser-acne-treatment
  • acne-laser-treatment
  • acne-removal
  • home-remedies-for-acne
  • acne-home-remedies
  • clear-acne

3. Find available domains

You now take the entire list and copy paste it into the GoDaddy bulk domain checker.

You can choose whichever domain TLD’s (.com, .info, .net, etc…) you wish, in this example I have searched only .com and .info

Ready to search for domains

After clicking Search you will see a list of error notifications each one indicating that a domain is not available. If you scroll down in the end of this list you will find a list of the domains currently available for registration.

4. Find the best domains!

The list of domains can then be cross-referenced with the spreadsheet we got from Google with the traffic information.

Here is the list with monthly searches:

DomainKeywordMonthly Searches
RIDOFACNESCARS.INFO“rid of acne scars”90.500
GETRIDOFACNESPOTS.INFO“get rid of acne spots”74.000
LASERACNETHERAPY.INFO“laser acne therapy”74.000
ACNEONBACK.INFO“acne on back”74.000
ACNE-SCARRING.INFO“acne scarring”550.000
BEST-ACNE.INFO“best acne”165.000
RID-OF-ACNE-SCARS.INFO“rid of acne scars”90.500
FREE-ACNE.INFO“free acne”90.500
GET-RID-OF-ACNE-SPOTS.COM“get rid of acne spots”74.000
GET-RID-OF-ACNE-SPOTS.INFO“get rid of acne spots”74.000
LASER-ACNE-THERAPY.COM“laser acne therapy”74.000
LASER-ACNE-THERAPY.INFO“laser acne therapy”74.000
ACNE-ON-BACK.COM“acne on back”74.000
ACNE-ON-BACK.INFO“acne on back”74.000
ACNE-CREAM.INFO“acne cream”74.000
HOME-REMEDIES-FOR-ACNE.COM“home remedies for acne”60.500
HOME-REMEDIES-FOR-ACNE.INFO“home remedies for acne”60.500

The two most interesting are and is a targeted domain name for a keyword that gets more than half a million searches. Per month.

Now, just because the domain is available, doesn’t mean it is going to be easy to rank in the top #3 on Google for “acne scarring”. There are several other factors, especially the competing websites for that keyword.

That being said, it is a really good start for SEO.

It is interesting to note that is currently only a parked domain, so the domain with the best SEO-impact is not utilized, meaning the .info should be able to catch up fairly well.

You can also go with a domination strategy, where you buy both the .com and .info domains for “get rid of acne spots” and set up both domains separately.

This way it is possible for you to own more spots in the top 10 for that keyword search.