The prospect of setting up and starting a blog that can gain you readers and start making money for you is very exciting. Many people feel that they have some great ideas for a blog and they are eager to get started, so they set up a blog in a rush and without really thinking things through, and this can cause them some problems sooner rather than later. The following are some of the biggest mistakes that bloggers are making. Once you see what they are, it should be easier for you to avoid making those same mistakes.

Not Taking the Time to Find a Quality Platform

One of the biggest mistakes that so many new bloggers make is not putting in the time and effort to find a great platform and host for their new blog. Some choose to find a free hosting service, which is not going to allow them to have all of the features and options that they need. It also means that you are not going to have a standard URL for your site. Instead, it would be something like instead of just

New bloggers might think they are saving money by using one of these free hosts, but it is not worth the savings. In addition to not having a personalized domain, these platforms tend to be quite slow and they will have limited bandwidth. They also tend to have poor customer support, and most of them will have advertisements on them. After all, they are giving you a “free” site, so they need to make up the money somehow. It is much better to use WordPress and find a good host. They tend to be very affordable, and you will have far more control over your site.

Not Having a Realistic Schedule

Blonde, towel, portraitWhen people first start blogging, everything is all exciting and you have what seems like boundless energy when it comes to putting out posts. You have heard that you need to have lots of fresh content if you want your site to do well. While that is true, there is also the danger of not being able to keep up with a schedule that is simply unrealistic, especially if you are the only one blogging for the site.

Ultimately, this is going to lead to burnout, and it will lead to having a schedule that is unpredictable. This will not endear you to your readers. Instead, it is best to start out with a doable schedule that you know you can meet, even if it is just one post per week. Get into the habit of posting at the same time and on the same day. Eventually, you can start to increase the frequency of posting, but only when you are sure you can keep up with the schedule.

Crammed Content

While you might have some great ideas that you want to get out in your content, people are not going to read it if you have walls of text that are not properly broken up. It is a good idea to make sure that you are breaking up your paragraphs, and that you are making use of headers. This will help to make the text easier to read and to skim. Think about how you would want the content laid out if you were going to be reading it on another website. This will help to make it easier for you when you are putting headlines into your own work. Make it easy on the eyes should be the order of the day.

In addition, when you are putting in those headlines to help separate the content, make sure that they are helpful. The headlines should be indicative of what that section contains. It does not have to be a dry and boring headline, but it should give the reader an idea of what they will find in that set of paragraphs.

Not Checking for Errors

This is one of the biggest mistakes that bloggers make because it tends to be easy to get lazy. If you are going to be putting up content, you need to take the time to read through it and make sure you are dealing with any spelling and grammar errors, or factual errors, that could slip through. Always go through the content at least twice looking for these issues, and if you have someone else who can check the content again, even better.

Of course, even when you do this, there is still a chance that typos and other errors are going to slip through. It happens to everyone. You just want to put in the effort and do the best that you can to make sure they are as few and far between as possible.

Not Worrying About Comments


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The goal of your blog is ostensibly to get readers who are then likely to continue reading, to click on your links, or to become customers. Therefore, if they are leaving comments, you need to make sure that you are reading those comments and that you are answering them. This is true whether the person is asking a question, has a negative comment, or they are leaving positive feedback.


When you respond to them, it shows them that you are reading their comments and that you care about what they have to say. This is going to encourage more comments and engagement with your blog posts, which can help to build your credibility. You will also discover one of the biggest benefits of comments – finding out what types of content your readers want from you.

Not Using Analytics

If you are not using analytics, then you are not going to know how each of your articles is performing. By watching the analytics, you can get a better idea of what content you are creating is the most popular. This can help you to find the direction that you might want to pursue with your future content. It also gives you a good indicator as to the number of readers that you have.

Make sure that you are avoiding these mistakes, and you will find that you will have a more successful blog. It is as easy as that.