Boosting the lips of Venus

A nice review from Venus O’Hara:

I wasn’t sure just who my most faithful readers were online but thanks to SEO Booster I now know precisely who they are and what they like.

SEO Booster has certainly influenced the way I utilize my photos and texts on my fetish photoblog. With it, I can easily identify which of the fetishes I feature on the site are the most popular in terms of search engine traffic for

The high-quality statistics that are now easily available to me with SEO Booster assist me in planning future photo-sets that, I know, will cater to specific needs and tastes without my having to rely on guesswork.

It turns out that the fetishists who are looking for content relating specifically to redheads, lips or lipstick are the ones spending the most time on my site 😉

Photo credits: Sebas Romero and Guy Moberly


Who is Venus O’Hara?

Venus O’Hara is a fetish model, actress and writer who currently lives in Barcelona.

Born and educated in the United kingdom, Venus O’Hara is a true internationalist who is fluent in French and Spanish after living and working in Paris and Madrid.

She is the author of Love Me Like You Hate Me – a luxurious beginner’s guide to BDSM and fetishism which contains her own unique fetish philosophy as well as many of her fetish photos from sessions that she styled and directed herself.

Venus also collaborates with the print edition of GQ Spain as a regular sex columnist.

She produces a stylish polyfetish photoblog with over 30 different fetishes.

Check it out here:

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