Development Tips

Tips and tricks for developing and creating WordPress plugins and complete solutions. Developing for WordPress requires mastering many different skillsets for different technologies. PHP, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript just to name the basics.

The articles here are meant for developers.

WordPress Optimization Tips – header.php

A regular task in my work is to improve the speed of a website. There are many places to tweak, but a place I always go to look for some easy improvements is the header.php file.

WordPress Functions.php Code Collection on Stackexchange

Functions.php code collection hosted on WordPress Answers on – The best code collection for your functions.php WordPress.

The functions.php file in your WordPress theme is an underutilized resource for many WordPress powered sites.

WordPress Multisite Search

A quick and simple solution for displaying search results from all subblogs on your WordPress 3 Multisite installation.

How to publish on several WordPress Blogs

A friend of mine recently asked me of how to most effectively control content creation on several WordPress blogs, and that motivated me to dive into this quite lengthy article.

No 404 on WordPress Blogs!

A quick and easy way to remove all 404 errors on your WordPress Blogs and redirect all 404’s with a 301 to your homepage. Never loose linkjuice again.

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