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Speed Up Your Website With These WordPress Plugins

Speeding up your website can make a huge difference in your online business. It can have an impact on your sales, conversion rates, bounce rates, user experience, page views, and overall customer satisfaction.

Should My Business Create a Referral Program?

You’ve spent a lot of time building up a loyal customer base. Now you might wonder if you should tap into the potential for word-of-mouth marketing by starting a referral program.

Why Your B2C Business Should Have a Mobile App

If you don’t have an app for your business, you could be missing out on a significant chunk of consumer attention. You also lose out on critical mobile-only features — like gestures, push notifications and frictionless loyalty programs.

WordPress vs. Squarespace

We compare Squarespace to WordPress and weigh the information on why you might choose one over the other when creating your next website.

One-Page Website: When to Use it And How to Create It

A one-page website is a site that presents every content on the website on a single page. So, assuming you owned a business and created a single page website for it, your “about us”, “contact us”, “services” content, all your content, will all be on a single long page.

7 Ways to Attract and Keep Online Customers

While getting new customers is okay, they are not the only ones who will boost revenue for your online store. When you get new customers, how do you retain them and make them come back?

How to Build a Profitable Blog on Essay Writing

Are you confident about your writing skills? Then starting a blog might be an excellent opportunity for you to earn money on the Internet. But when it comes to blogging, writing is only one of the several other elements that make it successful.

Why More B2B Sites Need Mega Menus

For business to business (B2B) sites with a lot of categories and options, an expandable menu offers an opportunity for structure and easy navigation.

How to market your local business online

Marketing your business online to a local audience can seem risky and difficult. Start off marketing your local business online with these super easy, actionable steps.

Boosting the lips of Venus

“My search engine traffic has increased by at least 500% since installing this plugin.” – Venus O’Hara talks about her experiences using SEO Booster PRO, the dynamic WordPress SEO Plugin. New Design Relaunch

I am happy to announce the relaunch of, with a brand new look and with lots of improvements, let me walk you through some of them…

Tony Lindskog

Tony Lindskog RIP

Dear customers and friends of

It is my sad duty to inform you that my friend and business-partner Tony Lindskog passed away shortly before New Years 2010.