Are you looking to boost SEO right now for your website?  Do you want to learn insider tricks and strategies that will help to get your website ranked higher? If you answered yes to either of those questions then this article is for you.

Did you know that in 2017 Google accounted for over 85% of all global mobile search traffic followed by other search engines such as Bing and Yahoo, which were well below 5%? What this means is that when choosing SEO strategies for your website it is crucial to keep the Google search algorithm in mind. And although the search algorithm is subject to constant change, there are a few time-tested methods which have been successful at improving SEO for many years now.

Below are 4 of those methods that will help you boost SEO right now.

Upgrade Your Website

With the continuous advancement in technology, many people are no longer working in a fixed location. In fact, during the course of a single day, they switch between multiple devices such as smartphones, tablets, laptops and even phone watches to access the internet.

That leads to the question “Is your website technology friendly?” This is a pressing question since Google now uses mobile-optimized websites as a key factor for ranking websites. Apart from the need of being easily accessible with the latest gadgets, there are some basic features that your website needs to have:

Site Speed

Although the exact definition of “site speed” is not well defined, if your website takes any longer than 3 seconds to load, chances are that the search engine algorithm will punish your site. Avoid using flash and other large sized images on your website. An increase in site speed will result in higher Google rankings with an additional benefit of increased conversion as well.


A user-friendly website will aid in a memorable experience for the user on your website. It makes it easy for the user to re-find your website and eventually become a repeat customer.

Repeat traffic will assist in a higher search engine ranking.

Efficient and Effective

Make your website easy to navigate so that a visitor is able to complete a task quickly. If a visitor cannot find what they are looking for, they will lose interest and navigate away. Short visitor timings on your website may adversely affect your ranking.

Free of Errors

Make sure to get rid of any errors such as a 404 Page Not Found Errors, a broken link or a link which is not coherent to the visitor’s search. Having these errors on your page will result in penalties from the search engines.

Create Quality Content

Keep an eye on your website

Quality content is the meat of the website that every search engine is looking for. Focus on creating various pages with different keywords. If you have a small business website with many products, ensure that you create a page for each to target different keywords. Avoid squeezing many keywords onto a single page.

Regular posts and blogging on topics related to your product will keep the website up to date. This is a key factor that search engine algorithms look for. With consistent postings, you can start to become an expert in your field, driving more traffic and thus higher search engine rankings.

Some basic pointers during content creation that need to be kept in mind are:

Headlines and Sub-Headers

Visitors to your website will scan to look for the information they need quickly. Include relevant and catchy sub-topics to guide the reader through the page.

Concise Paragraphs

Create paragraphs that are 4-5 lines each and which speak specifically to the point that is being conveyed.

Short Sentences or Bullet Points

Avoid using long sentences. Use shorter sentences, or better still incorporate the use of bullet points to clarify the content.

Generate Good Links

Links to your site show that you are active in your niche and business space. Search engines absolutely love backlinks. It also shows that other websites want to connect with you for the information that you are sharing with the visitor.

Link quality is higher if they come from authority websites. Getting these kinds of links might be difficult at first, but you can start with links from blog posts and other influencers in your business niche.

Creating backlinks is vital to higher search engine rankings. Organic and quality inbound links to your site is a great plus. The relevance and reliability of your website are gauged by the number of times it has been recommended by third parties. At all cost, avoid low-quality links and link farms. Search engines don’t count on such links and they will do more harm than good for your website.

Leverage Social Media

This is one essential step that has to be done if you want to boost your SEO right now. Initially, this may take some time to get the ball rolling, but over time, it will pay huge dividends. Social media helps in getting targeted traffic to your website. Search engines take your website seriously when people talk about your product and service, give feedback on your product, and discuss on forums. Two tricks to get you started with social media are:

Social Media Platforms

Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are great social platforms to get the word out about your website and the product or service it offers. For starters, keep your audience informed by providing valuable content via Facebook posts and regular tweets. After getting a stronghold on these platforms, you could start your social media campaigns to drive more traffic to your website which in turn will increase search engine rankings for your website.

Create YouTube Videos

Videos keep your audience engaged and entertained while providing valuable information.

Out of all the keyword searches on Google, 55% are returned with a video and 82% of those happen to be on YouTube. This statistic shows the importance people are giving to visual learning!

Focusing on YouTube SEO will increase your website ranking on Google and also boost traffic to your website. Make sure you have a compelling video title, short descriptive sentences that explain what your video is about and a catchy thumbnail. Often creating a video could be as simple as converting the blog or webpage content into an audiovisual display.

There are tons of ways to improve your SEO, and the guys from Bubblegum Search have published a great list of effective techniques that I think is worth checking out – SEO 2018: Top 5 Most Effective SEO Techniques. Check that out and some of the other cool SEO articles they have on their blog.

Keep working on your SEO!

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