New Design Relaunch

I am happy to announce the relaunch of, with a brand new look and with lots of improvements, let me walk you through some of them:

Wicked design

Some of you might recognize the theme layout. The new design is based on the Nova theme from ElegantThemes. Nick creates amazing WordPress themes, and Nova was an obvious choice for me very early on. I have worked on customer sites using ElegantThemes themes before, and I knew the basic structure of the themes, making it faster for me to tweak it to my liking.

And tweaked it I have.

New e-commerce shop

The new shop system makes the shopping experience faster and more pleasant. The shop currently only consists of one product, but the others are soon to follow, perhaps even with a few surprises??

WP Caretaker

WP Caretaker is one of these surprises. A new wp Plugin for keeping your wp blog clean and fast. If you want a nice Plugin to keep your blog clean of :… Read on…

Free Membership

Yep, I’ve added extra bonus material for registered users. WP Caretaker is the first plugin to be released, more will follow.

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Members will also get access to early test releases, small utilities and other stuff to help you.

There are tons of little tricks and fine-tuning underneath the hood of this WordPress site, some of which I will share on a new blog I am working on. Over there I will be sharing ideas, thoughts, news along with tips and tricks in the world of Search Engine Marketing.

More about that later.

Future improvements on

Many things to are still to come, among others are:

  • The other products re-introduced to the shop
  • More support documentation
  • User forum (any suggestions?)
  • More bonus material for members
  • Support system or FAQ-system

Thank you for visiting CleverPlugins, I am really happy to have the site back online again and hope to see you hang around.

19 thoughts on “ Relaunch”

  1. Hi Lars,

    How about Seo Booster Pro ? I bought it in December and have not been able to get it to work.

    And no support anywhere ??

    1. Lars Koudal

      Hi kprimdal

      I sent you a mail to help you out with the problems you are having.

  2. GReat to hear that, how about other plugins like SEO Booster PRo as I did not see it in the affiliate panel?

    1. Lars Koudal

      Hi Tinh

      I need to reproduce documentation and marketing material for each product as a lot of it was lost when the old server went away.

      I started with VideoPoster2, since I had already prepared most of the necessary material.

      SEO Booster PRO is the next product to be released, and I’ve already started working on it.

    2. Lars Koudal

      Hi Tinh

      Just wanted to let you know that the affiliate section has been updated (you should have gotten an email about that) with 12 banners for Newsletter Booster.

    1. Lars Koudal

      Hi Mascali

      You need to click the confirmation link that was e-mailed to you when you signed up. I will verify your account for you so you can log in 🙂

  3. Yeah me too i have a problem with SBP as well, and by the way nice work on the site.

    1. Lars Koudal

      Hi Jack

      Thanks, I’m quite happy with the new layout myself. Problem with SBP? Please use the contact form to contact me, and I will answer as soon as I can.

    2. Lars Koudal

      Hi Jack

      My mistake, I forgot to add the contact link to the navigation in the top. You should now see it in the menu, and you can go directly here:


  4. what about people that bought all of your paid plugins, now our accounts dont work?

    i went through this whole mess with you guys once before, i really hope this gets sorted, as it took almost 2 months for me to get access the last time.

    1. Lars Koudal

      Hi Chris

      I’m sorry if you’ve had a bad experience before. I’m sorry to say it’s just me for now. Please use the contact form, tell me which products you’ve purchased, and I’ll send you the latest versions via e-mail.

      Until I get fully back with all products it is not possible for me to set up product downloads, but I am working on a solution, I really want to get this site back on its feet.

    2. i purchsed every premium product.

      if you need me to forward the emails we had previously i can

    3. Lars Koudal

      Hi Chris

      I remember your picture so that will not be necessary. I will e-mail you all the latest versions directly.

      I can also inform you that last night I set up the members-page to show direct downloads of the premium plugins if you are logged in. (must be the same e-mail as used for purchasing).

      Once I have added all the plugins to the system, I can create an account for you (with your permission) and give you access to all the products there for future updates.

      This is something that was missing from the previous system, and I am eager to get all products set up, so I can start entering old customers, such as you. … Manually 🙁

    4. Lars Koudal

      Hi Chris

      I just e-mailed you all the plugins, including SEO Status 2 (beta).

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