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I have not been good at updating recently. Mostly because I have been extremely busy, but another big reason was the site itself. I did not like the layout (never really did, but I was in a hurry) and both the flexibility and performance was getting a bit ridiculous. - WordPress websites

The old website was running an outdated and heavily customized copy of the Thesis WordPress theme.

The new theme is the new Chameleon WordPress theme, and it is absolutely amazing to work with. Nick from ElegantThemes has a very elegant coding structure as well, and it is easy to tweak and optimize his code.

Nick’s code is fast, but he has to take care of a lot of if-then and different variables and settings that change from WordPress website to website. By removing and hard-coding many of these variables it is possible to cut the number of queries.

I have tweaked the code here and there to lower the loading time, but there are many things being tweaked and I will publish an unusually large blog post about that when I have finished.