Blogging has been used for many reasons. Some bloggers would consider this as a platform to express their thoughts and experience about a topic which can be relatable to many people. There are also bloggers who would use their blogs to create connections with other bloggers who are already influencers in the niche they’re writing about. This is especially true for budding bloggers.

But commonly, bloggers would use blogging as an avenue to earn. With their passion for writing and knowledge over a particular subject, they use blogging to make money. If you’re a blogger, you probably see yourself in any of these situations – and you’d also know how important traffic is in your success.

Regardless of the reason why you started a blog, you need the traffic to achieve your goals. Without them, your blog will just become stale content online. All of your efforts in writing content and publishing it will be useless. If you want to convert your blog content into a search-friendly traffic generator, take note of the tips below:

Write more

Add new post

When you decide to become a blogger, you should put all of your time and effort into it. With the number of blogs on the internet, yours won’t stand out if you don’t work hard for it. This is why you should always write more content to gain more traffic. The fresher your content is, the easier it will be for traffic to drive into your website. Your blog can’t get any attention if your content is talking about a topic from last year.

Promote with social media

Everyone is on social media. Students, professionals, homeowners, and businessmen can be found on different social media platforms. As a blogger, you should take advantage of this. Use social media to reach out to different people and promote your blog. Post and share your blog in your social media profile and encourage your friends and family to spread the word. You can also join many groups online to have more avenues to promote your blog.

Create better titles

Regardless of how well-researched your content is, if you don’t create a striking title for it, don’t expect that you’ll gain any traffic. Keep in mind that the title can influence users’ decisions if whether or not they should continue reading your content. Your title might be short, but with the right strategy, this can easily entice traffic to your blog.

Know your niche and write about it

It’s common to find a blogger who has varied interests. You might love traveling, food, fitness, and fashion at the same time. But if you’re planning to write all of those topics in your blog, it’ll be hard for you to determine who your target audience is and know how you can give them what they want. Similarly, writing different topics in one blog can confuse your audience. The best solution is to know what your niche is and write about it. Focus on one niche and know what they want and how you can satisfy these. Choosing a niche can save you time from deciding what to write next.

Include photos

Seeing texts all throughout your blog can bore your audience. It can strain their eyes especially if you’re writing a lengthy and technical topic. Although your content is important, don’t forget to add pictures. Nice photos can entertain your audience and can serve as their break in a page full of text. A photo can also help you explain a complicated topic to your audience. Financial reports and statistics are always better represented in charts, right?

Repost old contentRetweet past content 

Most of your audience might have Twitter accounts but remember that not all of them will use it at the same time. So don’t be afraid to retweet and share past content. If your audience can relate to the content and it’s relevant to the trend, they won’t bother looking at the date as to when it was written.

Incorporate keywords

Your blog should be visible once users search your niche online. If they see your blog on the first page of their search engine results, they’ll click your link first. And for you to achieve this, you have to incorporate keywords in different parts of your blog. These keywords should be words which you think users will search online. SEO optimization can be complicated, but various sources are available for help regardless of where you’re living right now. Learn what or who these sources are so you’ll know Atlanta SEO.

Incorporate links

Using other links in your blog is vital for many different reasons. For one, Google appreciates this effort and will increase your SEO ranking once you use reliable outside sources. Incorporating links from other businesses can give you the chance to create more connections.

When these businesses notice how you used their link, they can also share your post to their audience. Because yes, the golden rule still applies in the online world. Aside from these, links in your blog can create convenience for your audience. It’ll be easier for them to find what they’re looking for with these links.

Add social sharing buttons

Make it easy for your audience to share your blog by adding social sharing buttons to your blog. This should have buttons for LinkedIn, Twitter and other social media platforms. If your audience liked what they read on your blog, they would share the blog with their friends and family which can lead to more traffic for your blog.

Invite guest contributors

The internet is a goldmine for making connections. Regardless of how unique your blog’s content is, there will always be a handful of people who are either writing about the same topic or who are interested in helping you out. Another way of gaining traffic to your blog is by inviting guest contributors. This will save you time from writing as someone else is doing it for you. Your blog will also be introduced to new audiences since these contributors will likely share your blog to their networks. Inviting guest contributors is a win-win for you!

Seek Help From Others

The traffic in your blog is the customer of your business. With enough number of traffic, you’ll be able to create a name in the blogging industry. You can also level the playing field with traffic especially if you’re still a neophyte. Gaining traffic to your blog can become a struggle but will come easier once you know how. Let this article guide you on what to and not to do with your blog and it won’t be long before traffic your traffic will skyrocket!