E-commerce is, for the largest part, a fight for differentiation. Businesses that operate online stores do whatever they can to be more visible and attractive than their competitors. To that end, they can invest in high-quality design, excellent AI-powered tools, and custom-made content from the specialists at WritingsGuru. And there’s plenty of things left that can help e-commerce businesses get a leg up on the competition.

In a digital industry that’s steadily on its way to reaching $4.5 trillion in size a few years from now, search engine optimization is not optional. It’s one of the necessities. But that doesn’t mean there are no ways to do it better or differently than other businesses. Coupon codes, even though they might not seem like a particularly useful asset for search engine optimization, can provide a handy boost to the store’s SEO efforts. Let’s see how.

Coupon Codes and Link Building

Man holding a post-it note with the word codeThe whole purpose of search engine optimization strategies and practices is to increase the visibility of a website in search results. The algorithms that determine how good a web page is to appear in the top results to a search query aren’t as straightforward as SEOs would like them to be. Still, we have a pretty good idea about what makes some pages rank better than the others.

The links leading to and from that page are a big one. Link building is the practice of creating links that point to and from the page so that they signal the page’s value to search engines. Creating links that lead from the page is easier than building the other type of links, but that’s where coupon codes can help.

There is a large online ecosystem of coupon affiliate websites, and it plays a vital role in using coupons for link building. Simply put, these websites will post information about the coupon codes the store offers, and they will usually host a link that leads back to the store.

Even the very popular money-back website Ebates can serve the same purpose. Either way, while the professionally made content from providers such as Handmadewritings can easily provide links pointing away from the store, these affiliate websites that post coupon codes provide links back to the store.

Coupon Codes — The Perfect Incentive for Reviews

No matter how double-edged of a blade online reviews can sometimes be, it’s always better to have them than completely avoid them. In fact, in this day and age, it’s very difficult for e-commerce websites to scrub their wrongdoings from the internet because users can always find an outlet to share their stories about the business. And if the stories are bad, they can be extremely motivated to do so.

E-commerce businesses that want to grab this bull by the horns should do their best to incentivise user reviews. They are not only a great source of social proof, but they are also an important signal for the store’s visibility on Google Shopping.

The way businesses can use coupon codes to boost the number of their online reviews is by using them as an incentive. Users who post reviews get a coupon code, as simple as that. Businesses can’t, however, trade coupon codes for good reviews, because that’s an unethical practice that will backfire sooner than later.

Coupon Codes Work Well with Other Assets

Coupon codes can be a great boost for your ecommerce websiteAnother essential thing coupon codes do is increase website traffic. People love to get discounts or free stuff. And if they find a particularly good catch, they will share it with their family and friends. Coupon codes might not be as viral as viral videos are, but they can have a decent reach.

And that reach means more traffic to the e-commerce store, where all the carefully crafted content is hosted. The blog posts created by Writemyessaytoday that provide actionable information, the copy that tells the visitors everything they need to know about the products, the photos, the calls-to-action — everything that makes the website perform well gets boosted thanks to the traffic provided by coupon codes.

On their own, coupon codes might not seem as much. They are the digital version of a typical marketing gimmick that aims to bring feet through the door. But for the marketers who know how to use them well, they can be incredibly valuable. E-commerce stores, the type of business that’s more than likely to use coupon codes, can get a lot of benefits from issuing them and making sure they get to the places that count. And one of the ways to get all of those benefits is by using coupon codes for SEO.