WordPress Development Tip

WordPress includes functions to assist in making your WordPress Plugins properly localized. One of the functions is the date_i18n function. This function has no example however, and in this post I will explain how to use it:

To get the information on which settings the blog has, you need to include the wp_locale as a global in the function you use it in:

global $wp_locale;

Now you can get the date format by calling ‘date_format’ via the get_option function like this:


To convert and display a date properly, you can now call the date_i18n-function using the value in the $dateformat variable, along with a unix timestamp as the time you want to display.

Remember you must provide a unix timestamp for the function to return a proper value, and in the following example I convert a date using PHP’s built in function strtotime.

In the example, I put all the function calls into one line.

Single Line Example:

echo date_i18n(get_option('date_format') ,strtotime("11/15-1976"));

Depending on your blog settings you will see the date displayed in your local format, for example: 15. november 1976.