Delete Duplicate Posts – Free WordPress Plugin

Delete Duplicate Posts is a plugin for WordPress that does exactly what the name says.

It is a simple plugin that scans page titles from your posts or pages * and keeps the oldest or newest version and deletes the rest.

New - Pro version - In the pro version you can also compare by metadata - meaning you can locate and delete posts that have similar metadata values.

Looking for a way to delete products that have same SKU number in WooCommerce? This plugin can help you.

Quick and simple, but there is no undo - so BE CAREFUL how you use this plugin 🙂

*  It works with any kind of custom post type you have on your website.

Delete Duplicate Posts

Downloaded 318,497 times

and counting... 🙂

Easy and simple to install and use, the plugin will search for and delete duplicate posts and pages with duplicate titles. You can choose to leave either the first or the latest post behind and delete the rest. All post meta is also removed.

You can run the plugin manually or let it run automatically every hour, cleaning up and sending you details by email.

Everything is logged – see which posts are deleted.

With this WordPress plugin, you can easily delete all duplicate posts and pages on your website.

From version 4 you can also choose to delete different post types. Usually, you would have posts and pages on your website, but if your theme or use of plugins allows you different custom post types, you can remove duplicate posts now also.


This free plugin for WordPress was first released September 2nd, 2009 and deletes duplicate posts on your website.

This was inspired by an article I wrote about how to delete duplicate posts back in 2009.

Read more and download for free from - In 2017 it hit a milestone of over 100.000 downloads.

That came as a bit of surprise to me as I had more or less forgotten about the plugin for several years and it was left alone. Now, I have resumed maintaining the plugin. It is important to keep these plugins updated - Read more about this in the article WordPress Plugin Checker: Are Yours Easily Hacked?

Plugin Screenshots

Screenshot sample of new duplicate posts discovered

Log file of deleted posts and pages

Delete Duplicate Posts

Downloaded 318,497 times

and counting... 🙂