PRO – Audit (PageSpeed Insights)

How to use the PageSpeed Insights module

The internal audit feature checks various SEO factors automatically for you on your website. 

How to enable SEO Audit

Go to the settings page and scroll down to PageSpeed Audits to enable.

Many websites do not need an API key, but if necessary you can create a key for free with Google. Read more about that here:

Google PageSpeed Insights is a tool Google provides to return loading time for your website and gives constructive information on how to improve your loading time. You can use the tool here on any URL you want:


Keep this API key to yourself. The key is associated with your Google account and your identity. Any overage will be attributed to you. 

The limits by Google are quite generous and the usage of SEO Booster is well within limits. 

Keep in mind if you use the key on many sites you should create different API keys or be prepared to pay the fee presented by Google.

Note – This feature does not work on local sites and will automatically detect this and not check PageSpeed Insights on a local URL only you can access.

Once enabled you will get a score for each URL and they will be updated every 7 days.

Clicking on the “suggestions” link for each page will present details of what optimizations you should look at.

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