Keywords to links

SEO Booster can convert keywords to internal links on your site automatically.

For instance, a visitor search for “blue widgets” on one of the 400+ supported search engines and they land on your website. Once they do the keyword is registered and

This is extremely helpful for your visitors to navigate and extremely helpful with your internal SEO linking. 

See the following comparison image with: 

  • Automatic linking turned off, the text includes regular links.
  • Autolink turned on, but the “repeat keywords” feature turned off.
  • Autolink and repeat keywords feature on. This replaces every occurrence of each keyword with a link.

How and where?

Go to SEO Booster -> Autolink

On this page you can see the list of keywords and to where they are pointing.

  • Keyword – The keyword or phrase you want to link to an URL.
  • Target URL – The URL to link to, it can be an internal link or external, up to you.
  • Last used on – The last three pages where the keyword was made into a link. Just for reference.

Adding a link

It is really fast to add a new keyword, just enter the text and the URL. 

Keep in mind, the plugin does not let you enter the same keyword twice, but you can point as many words and phrases as you like to the same URL, all depending on your SEO strategy.

A word about Cache Plugins

SEO Booster is made to run as quickly as possible, however, it is recommended you use a cache plugin on your website anyway, fast websites are better 🙂

However, this means sometimes it seems like links are not appearing where they should, or the links are still there even though you turned the links off. 

Usually, this is because you have a cache plugin running you need to clear its cache, or your website host has additional layers of caching. Please wait a few minutes.

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