Automatic Tagging

Automatic Tagging is where SEO Booster can take the incoming keyword and make it into a tag or category.

If a visitor comes from a search engine searching for “blue widget” and arrives on a post you have written about blue widgets. If you have turned on this feature, then a term named “blue widget” is created and the post is tagged with that new tag.

It is also possible to tag other related posts with the same term if you turn this feature on.

This is a powerful feature that can help crosslink your content and group posts together via tags, categories or any other taxonomy.

Go to the settings page to turn on automatic tagging. Here is a rundown of the options.

Turn on automatic tagging

Turns the feature on and off.

Tag Related Posts

You can set SEO Booster to automatically search for related posts and pages and also tag them with the newly created tag.

Choose Taxonomy 

You can use any taxonomy, not only tags. This means you can use SEO Booster to create categories or any other kind of taxonomy you have on your website.

Note – The types of taxonomies you have available depends on your website, the theme in use and whatever plugins you have installed.

Assign Custom Post Types

This checkbox allows you to force your website to support the taxonomy you choose. If you use a premium WordPress theme that creates a custom post type such as a real estate theme or a theme focused for car retailers, the custom post type with the theme in some cases do not support a
ll taxonomies.

Note – It is up to the plugin or theme that creates the taxonomy to make sure it works across all kinds of post types, this is just a little helpful tool that comes in handy from time to time if your theme or plugins don’t play nice 🙂

Minimum length of term

The minimum length of a keyword before it can be turned in to a taxonomy term. If 

a minimum
 is set to “4” and a search for “cat” or “dog” would be too short to be created as a term.

The maximum length of term

The maximum length of a keyword before it can be turned in to a taxonomy term. 

Maximum tags per post

Setting a value here makes a limit for how many terms can be set per post. This includes any terms you have set manually.

Note – Since this is an automated process, it is always worth going to visit and check if there have been any tags that should be removed.

If you need to filter keywords so they are not made into tags, use the keyword filter input box on the settings page to remove any keywords you do not want to show up.

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