Dashboard Page

The Dashboard page is the first thing that greets you when you install the plugin.

At first, when data is being gathered there will not be so much information, but after a while, more and more information will appear.

Top Keywords

The most popular known keywords are shown in order of visits by landing page.

Top Search Engines

Google is filtered from these results. This is done to highlight the other search engines that bring your website traffic. Most likely Google would be sending at least 90% of your organic search traffic.

Backlink Stats

A simple overview of the number of backlinks and the visits they bring.

Verified means SEO Booster has verified the existence of the link, and if possible collected anchor text and other details.

Ignored backlinks are backlinks that do not actually link back to you or is filtered out for other reasons. 

Top Linking Domains

This table breaks down the most linking websites by unique URL. Meaning how many different pages on the website the link has been used. Keep in mind sitewide links are no longer a good thing and can, in fact, be seen negatively as a way of paying for links in bulk. This should be avoided.

Backlinks URL RSS Feed

This is a custom RSS feed with the latest verified backlinks. You can subscribe to this list to easily discover new links to your site, or use to otherwise automate your SEO work. 

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