SEO Booster 2 – Dynamic WordPress SEO plugin

SEO Booster is a dynamic SEO plugin for WordPress with focus on data gathering from search engines, backlinks and 404 error monitoring.

  • Discover incoming keywords from hundreds of search engines
  • Find external links that links to you and verify them
  • Discover pages forgotten by search engines – discover pages that need attention
  • Find hidden 404 errors – you do not want those
  • Dynamic Link Widget – cross link to other pages with search term links
  • Dynamic Keyword Widget – show incoming search terms to the current page
  • Export keywords and backlinks in to a spreadsheet

SEO Booster PRO

SEO Booster 2 is a Dynamic WordPress SEO plugin.

SEO Booster 2 is a dynamic WordPress SEO plugin. This plugin helps you monitor and discover important aspects about your site and your SEO you never knew before.

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Testimonials from happy customers

Seo Booster is one of the best plugins I ever bought. I use it to find out which keywords my site’s visitors use and which one I should optimize.

But even better than the plugin itself is the support. Lars really takes time to help you with issues, even if they were not caused by SB, in my case^^ Also he includes customers wishes to enhance the functions. Best purchase in SEO tools I ever did. Thanks.

Alexander Ihm

Owner, mantikor17

I wasn’t sure just who my most faithful readers were online but thanks to SEO Booster I now know precisely who they are and what they like.

SEO Booster has certainly influenced the way I work with the info that is now easily available to me. My search engine traffic has increased by at least 500% since installing this plugin.

Venus O'Hara

I’ve noticed a net increment (or should I say boost?) to ranking of my blog with pages that went from 20th position in Google ranking to 1!!!!

This is simply amazing, and the latest version is the greatest plugin I’ve seen so far for WordPress!

Daniele Lethe

Interactive keywords table

Dive in to your keywords!

SEO Booster 2 comes with an interactive (AJAX powered) keywords table.

Keywords and pages are grouped by Search Engine to allow deep filtering.

  • Search keywords and urls.
  • Sort by any column.
  • AJAX powered and fast.

Look up a specific url on your site to see all keywords for that site. Discover new search terms.

Keywords for your website from hundreds of search engines

Slapped by Google?

Discover your forgotten pages

Search Engines update their algorithms and your traffic changes.

When a page on your site used to get traffic from search engines, and then no longer gets any traffic it is a sign something is wrong.

SEO Booster 2 will give you tell you which pages have dropped.

Discover which pages on your site have lost traffic

SEO Booster 2 monitors incoming traffic and gathers keywords and search terms from hundreds of supported search engines.

Built-in auto-tagging feature, that can also do cross-tagging of other post and pages.

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Discover who links to you

SEO Booster monitors for new backlinks.

Links from other pages are verified automatically and you can use this data find new backlinks or to use to disavow unsavory links to you.

Get an up to date list of verified backlinks to your website

Dynamic Tagging

Automatically tag posts and pages with search terms.

Use the incoming keywords as tags, make sure your content is marked with relevant tags, and you can even tag other related posts, all automatically!

Get an up to date list of verified backlinks to your website

Detailed logging

Use the log to view just the important events or turn on detailed logging or even debug logging levels for even more details.

The log lets you see the activity going on behind the scenes.

Search Engines Monitored

Hundreds of  Search engines supported

SEO Booster pays attention to them all

Google have stopped sending search terms along with visitors to your site. Although Google is a market leader in almost all countries around the world, there are many other search engines that can help you discover what keywords visitors use to find your website.

SEO Booster 2 monitors from an ever growing list of Search Engines to help you find the best search terms that drives you traffic.

+ From version 2.1 the plugin also monitors what keywords are used for internal searches!

Get an up to date list of verified backlinks to your website

 Export your data

Straight into your favorite spreadsheet editor

You can export both keywords data and backlink data in .csv format to edit in your favorite spreadsheet application.

Export keywords and links

Custom Widgets

Dynamic cross-linking

Use the built-in widgets to show incoming links to the current page or to crosslink to other pages on your site with keyword rich links.

Widgets with Dynamic Keywords or build links to other internal pages

SEO Booster 2 is a dynamic WordPress SEO plugin. This plugin helps you monitor and discover important aspects about your site and your SEO you never knew before.

Monitor traffic from external links

Collect a complete overview of all your back-links  Each visit to your website is monitored, and every time a new link to your website is found, it is registered. SEO Booster visits each of these links and filters out the

Monitor 404 errors

404 error results (page is not found error) can happen when you make changes to your code, or if someone makes a mistake linking to your website. 404 errors are bad for SEO, so let SEO Booster 2 monitor your not found pages.

Dynamic Link Widget

Use the included dynamic link widget to put related links on your site with ease. Use the dynamic links to cross-link other posts and pages on your website.

Dynamic Keyword Widget

You can use the included keyword search term widget to show the keywords used to find the current page you are on.

Export keywords and backlinks

Export all details of your keywords and backlinks to a comma separated .csv file, which you can then import into your favorite spreadsheet application.

Translation credits

Thank you to the people who have helped translate SEO Booster 2.

  • Dutch: Arkan –
  • Russian: Igor –
  • German: Rene Ettling.
  • Swedish: Lennart Johansson –
  • Danish: Lars Koudal (me 😉

Does it work with MU Multisite?

Yes, the plugin is compatible with WordPress Multisite since version 2.3