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Topic Storm - Twitter to WordPress, fast and quick content!

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Topic Storm has been discontinued, it is no longer supported and at this moment there are no plans to revive the plugin.

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Topic Storm for WordPress

Topic storm is an autoblogging WordPress Plugin, with a Twitter twist

Latest Trending Twitter Topics straight to your WordPress blog 24/7!

WordPress Autoblogging like you’ve never tried it before!

Topic Storm grabs the trending topics on Twitter, the topics which are popular and what the world is tweeting about right now.

You configure topic storm to how often it should grab new content, what kind of content and which category to post it in.

If you combine it with another WordPress Plugin that auto tweets new posts, you can set up a website that is always up to date with what’s new and popular.

You can configure Topic Storm to grab images, even download and rename images for added SEO value on to your own site. Get extra information about the subject from other sources and mix it all together.

All content is mixed together, so expect gibberish content!

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  • WordPress 3.0 +
  • PHP5


FAQ – Topic Storm

Topic Storm is a WordPress plugin that can power your blog with automatic content creation.

The latest trends on Twitter are researched, and content is gathered from different sources.

Below are some of the most frequently asked questions about Topic Storm.

Some Twitter Trends are missing?

If you compare the Twitter Trends in this plugin, you will notice some things are not quite the same. All hashtags (#) have been removed, since they rarely provide relevant content, and all trends with 3 letters or less are automatically ignored as well.

How often are the Twitter Trends updated?

Whenever you use the manual button or the cron runs automatically, the latest trends from Twitter are loaded, and a random “trend” is used to make the post. The trend is chosen randomly from this list. The list displayed in the “Dashboard” is the latest list the plugin found.

Where does the content come from?

Depending on your settings (you can change the way the plugin works in “Configuration”, the plugin gets content from the following sources:

  • The trends: Straight from Twitter themselves.
  • Content:
    • Google Blogsearch
    • Wikipedia (*)
  • Tags: Yahoo Content Analysis Service (API) (*)
  • Images: Yahoo Image Search (API) (*)
  • Comments: Twitter realtime search for the trend. Randomly chooses between 1 and 10 tweets and turns into comments (*)

(*) defines a feature which is optional and can be set in the “Configuration”-tab.

The images are not saved locally!

If you wish to use this functionality of saving the images locally, you have to make sure the upload-folder in WordPress is write-able, usually CHMOD 777 or 755 is sufficient. Try manually uploading an image via WordPress, to verify it is possible, and if not, make the necessary changes to enable it.

Alternatively you can use the hotlinking feature instead (this is not recommended practice!) or completely turn off the use of images.



= 1.4.1 =
* Bugfix in license activaction.
* Works with WordPress 3.5

= 1.4 =
* Bye bye Dashboard Widget
* One click updates!
* License key for using one click updates
* Fixed some deprecated function calls
* Cosmetic updates

= 1.3 =

* Bugfix: Twitter Trends working again.
* Layout and interface has been updated and improved
* Uses internal WordPress transient cache to reduce calls to the Twitter API
* Now supports WOEID (Where On Earth ID) locations in Twitter!
* Changed the ‘Help’ tab a bit with more details and links
* Now uses Bing Image search API, Yahoo! API was deprecated
* Images are now attached as Featured Image!
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