Create your .xml sitemap

Before you hit that ‘back’ button, creating a sitemap doesn’t need to be as scary as it sounds. In fact, we’ve got you covered!

Add the Google XML Sitemaps plugin to your WordPress site to create a quick and easy sitemap. This will show you how different search engines (not just Google) view your site.

And with over 2 million installs, you can rest assured that it’s a quality resource to trust.

Check your permalinks

Here’s one of the easiest to implement!

If you’re putting out fantastic content but can’t generate traffic, wrong URLs may be the culprit.

Check out your WordPress site and see if your URLs are correctly formatted for SEO. Take a look at the two examples below:

What did you notice about those examples? One is far easier to read than the other, isn’t it?

Correctly formatted permalinks make your URLs attractive, easy to view, and shareable. If some of your previous links aren’t up to snuff, take the time to go back and alter them.

It’ll be worth it when your SEO ranking increases.

Look for the ‘Permalinks’ option in the ‘Settings’ tab.

Check your site’s visibility settings

We find it surprising how many WordPress users don’t know about visibility settings.

This is maybe the most simple but effective of our WordPress SEO tips, as it requires little effort on your part.

You can check your WordPress site’s visibility by doing the following:

  • Head over to the admin area of your WordPress site
  • Click the ‘Settings’ tab
  • Click ‘Reading.’
  • Make sure ‘Search Engine Visibility’ is unchecked

If that last option isn’t unchecked, you’re telling search engines not to index your site!

Don’t forget to check out the other article 6 SEO Fundamentals That Everyone Should Utilize.

These are just great tips, but remember content is king! Work on your content, help your visitors and share your knowledge – then the traffic will come to your website.

Get Yoast

And now to our favorite of the 5 WordPress SEO tips.

You may remember us mentioning Yoast a few months ago. Yoast is one of the most popular SEO plugins for a good reason. It’s a one-stop-shop for your site’s SEO needs.

With Yoast, you can tailor your content for SEO down to the keyword. It also gives tips on the best headers, titles, and offers import options. Use it for SEO research and getting your content just right.

What’s not to love?

Our simplest WordPress SEO tip: Link your content!

Internal linking is the most significant factor in making sure your site is optimized correctly. If you’re not creating content that uses internal links, you could be losing lots of traffic.

Using internal linking isn’t just smart, it can boost your SEO rating! From now on, start thinking of ways to work older content in your newer posts.

So there you have it, five simple WordPress SEO tips that are almost guaranteed to boost web traffic! We offer a variety of fantastic plugins that can help make your site’s SEO the strongest it’s been!

More SEO WordPress tips

Remember to check the WordPress Optimization Checklist for even more tips or our very own dynamic WordPress SEO plugin – SEO Booster. If you are able to change your theme code you can also dig in to WordPress header.php Optimization Tips for a few manual improvement tips.