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These are the Email Trends to Know in 2018

Developing and implementing an effective email marketing strategy requires staying on top of the latest email marketing trends. Customer behavior patterns are always shifting. You need to adapt to ensure you’re still reaching as many people as possible.

The following trends are particularly worthy of your attention in 2018. Familiarizing yourself with them will make it easier to optimize your approach this year.

Augmented Reality Will Change How We Interact With Our Inboxes

Email TrendsAugmented reality and similar technologies are going to have a substantial impact on how we check our inboxes. For instance, customers may soon be able to “grab” emails and sort them in a 3D space.

As a marketer, you should make sure customers can quickly and immediately ascertain that your message is valuable to them. When deleting an email becomes as easy as tossing it into a virtual trashcan the way you would throw a piece of paper, it’s important that your emails make the right impression immediately.

Additionally, you need to make sure your emails are landing in inboxes. As people’s patience for sorting their inbox decreases with AR advancements, it’s essential you grab their attention and reach them appropriately. Using a tool to verify email addresses is the best way to ensure your emails reach inboxes for people to then read and interact with them in new ways.

Customers Will Demand Greater Degrees Of Personalization

Studies confirm that customers typically respond more positively when they feel like any experience they have with a company or brand has a personal touch. And, thanks to features like Spotify’s Discover Weekly or Netflix’s recommendations, they’re starting to expect it.

Start 2018 by honestly assessing whether your emails are as personal as they could be. Segmenting your email list, ensuring your content sounds genuine and human, and sending messages relevant to a customer’s needs are effective ways to enhance this aspect of your marketing strategy.

AI Will Drive Insights

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Developing a strong email marketing strategy requires evaluating substantial amounts of data. That’s why many experts expect to use AI more often in their marketing efforts over the next few years.

AI can dramatically reduce a marketer’s workload by efficiently reviewing data. With help from AI, marketers can make important decisions about their strategies much more quickly than ever before. They’ll have computers to help them sort through all the necessary data and optimize their email marketing strategy.

Email Should Become More Interactive

Email platforms have come a long way over the years. Now, it’s likely that the vast majority of your customers can consume emails that contain images, video, and other dynamic content.

This has given rise to what many refer to as “email microsites.” These emails are far more interactive than a basic message. They also give marketers the chance to tell more thorough stories in their emails. By including visually stimulating elements, you can keep a reader’s attention for much longer than you could with mere text.

Mobile Friendly Design is Key

More customers are reading emails on mobile devices. Thus, your marketing strategy should be optimized for mobile.

Try to frontload important words in your subject lines, so the relevant information appears on a phone’s screen. Additionally, break up your text into smaller sections. Otherwise, your messages may look overwhelming on mobile devices. Knowing how your customers read your emails helps you know how you should design them.

As always, marketing trends shift. Don’t assume a strong email marketing strategy will be effective forever. Take time to review your current approach, assess potential future developments, and find out if there are any changes you can make to ensure your email marketing strategy continues to yield results in 2018.