Without the required knowledge, you may find embedding excel spreadsheets into webpages very challenging. But then, there are various ways through which you can manage the task effortlessly. By the end of this piece, you will have learnt ideas on how to embed an excel spreadsheet in a website. All you have to do is pick which method you find both comfortable and exciting.

Use gist.github.com resource

One way to do this is to make use of gist.github.com. This resource is going to help you create an HTML table that allows you to fill in the information then copy the resultant table to a rich text editor. By doing so, you will have embedded your excel spreadsheet into web pages. What makes gist.github.com the best option is that you don’t need an account to use the platform. It also eliminates the need to use HTML tags. So once you open the platform, go to create secret gist. You can then proceed by using the pipes (|) and the hyphens (–) to develop the table.

You can use C language to create excel files

Using C language to create excel files is also one of the best ways to embed an excel spreadsheet on a web page. Once you do this, all you have to do is populate it. This method requires you to have development skills of both C language and the HTML language. You are also going to make use of tags in the process. You can also use resources that can help you to read data from excel in C#. By doing so. You get to embed excel spreadsheets into webpages clearly and effectively.

Use office.live.com

The simplest way that can help you to yield incredible results is by using office.live.com. This process requires you to visit the platform and pick a blank workbook. Once you are done doing so go ahead and fill in the data in the excel sheet that is provided. After completion, click the file option then share and generate HTML. This resource also allows you to incorporate a link that will enable your web visitors to download the spreadsheet and use any application or software to view the complete table.

Make use of Google Docs

Google Docs is a famous and fantastic process of embedding excel spreadsheets into web pages. It is simple and very convenient more so if you are planning to make numerous changes on the worksheets. Any changes you make on Google doc is going to reflect on the web page, and so you don’t have to initiate other changes. To embed your excel into webpages, open google doc spreadsheet and fill in the data. Proceed to the File menu, click Publish to the web then start posting. The resource will then give you the code you need to embed on your code.

Use Tebleizer

Tebleizer is a very efficient tool that is going to help you convert a spreadsheet into a code that you can embed on your HTML. All you need to do is come up with a populated spreadsheet. You can then copy it and paste it on Tableizer where it will be converted to an HTML code. Use the code on your website, and by doing so, you will end up creating an incredible web page spreadsheet. The tool is simple to use. It also generates the codes fast.

The above ways are some of the simplest ways to embed your excel spreadsheet into a web page. Some methods require the use of HTML tags, while others are as simple as copying and pasting. Each tool is going to give you an easy time converting your spreadsheet to HTML.

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