Frequently Asked Questions

This is where I try to answer frequently asked questions I get from friends, customers and people who are curious.

I try to help whenever I can and I always share my knowledge about WordPress and SEO when people ask. I believe sharing my experience and knowledge makes other people more willing to share information with me.

This FAQ section will grow over time, for now it has a simple structure and due to the little content the sections are all shown.In-house questions regarding shopping and licensing for my premium WordPress plugins in my shop as well as general questions about WordPress and SEO.

BTW – I try to blog occasionally as well, mostly it is nerdy stuff about WordPress development, but occasionally something interesting is announced, etc.

Questions about links

If you are curious what a backlink even is – then this is a good starting point: What are backlinks?.

Not sure what 404 Error means? Read this article what is a 404 error and what you can do to prevent them.

Pre-sale Questions

Do you have questions before you buy? Read through this FAQ to find answers to some of the most commonly asked questions.

If you have another question, or you need more information, feel free to use the contact page.

Multiple websites?

Question: Can I use the plugins on many websites?

Answer: Yes. The licenses sold here are -personal-, which means you can use on as many of your -own- websites or websites you maintain for any customers you may have. If the customer in future wish to maintain themselves and have support they have to buy their own license.

Please note each plugin have different licenses, some you can use on unlimited sites, others you have different options for how many sites you will have support for.

Please read “Can I transfer my license” for details when selling/transferring a website

Free upgrades?

Question: Do I get free upgrades?

Answer: When you buy a WordPress plugin from each license is valid for one year after purchase. If you wish to continue to receive updates after one year you will have to renew your license.

Note: Purchases made of SEO Booster 2 before 2014 were promised lifetime upgrades (lifetime of product) so all purchases made before have been given an additional 10 years.

Can I transfer my license?

Can I sell my site that uses one one of your plugins?

Answer: No. The licenses sold here are personal.

This means they are cannot be transferred, and if you sell a website that uses a plugin, the new owner is required to purchase a separate license.

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