Generating leads is both a marketing priority and a real challenge for most of the marketers.  Lead and traffic generation remains a struggle for around 61% of the marketers, regardless of the channel used.

Despite social media’s potential, some marketers omit it, from their lead generation strategies, as they associate the channels with tools to increase brand awareness rather than generate leads or sales.

If managed accordingly, social media channels are an essential ally when it comes to capturing leads effortlessly. You can find new customers and leads if you engage with your visitors on social media. Here are six handy ways to use social media for lead generation.

What Are Leads and Lead Generation

But first, a short recap. The leads are known as the prospective clients which display some interest in your products and services, respectively in your company, by giving you their contact information. The lead generation is the process through which these users are converted into leads.

Advantages of Using Social Media for Lead Generation

Social Media became a powerful tool for marketers since a large number of people join and actively use the networks. Facebook, itself, gathers 1.49 billion daily active users, as the September statistics reveal. Therefore, it is rather practical to try to reach users, and convert them into leads, where they mostly spend their time – on social media.

In dealing with lead generation, there are several advantages provided by using social media, like:

  •  Cost efficiency. Generally, the cost of a lead reaches approximately $2.50 on Google, while on Facebook it reaches around $0.80. This leads to a 32% cost efficiency.
  •  Quality before quantity in capturing leads. With social media, you are able to increase the quality of your leads through targeted campaigns.
  •  Significant effectiveness for business growth. Several facts revealed that lead generation through social media helped businesses reach a 24% increase in revenues.

Effective Ways to Generate Leads with Social Media

As a rule of thumb, lead generation with social media begins once you chose the right channels on which to implement your strategies. To get an idea upon which social media are prone to bring traffic, go to Google Analytics, choose “Acquisition”, press “Social” and choose “Conversions”.

Once you get a clear idea upon which channels bring the most traffic, you may choose among the below ways to generate leads.

1. Use lead generation ads

Currently, these type of ads is provided by Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. Facebook is a great source of leads generation since the platform is a top-ranked network by the number of active users. Here, the lead generation can be implemented in three ways:

  • Through on-page promotion, but that will limit the lead generation only to the users that follow your Facebook page.
  • Using the basic conversion path via a Facebook post or ad. This piques the follower’s attention and once clicked, it takes him to a landing page to fill in his information in exchange for your content. To increase your customer engagement rates, make sure you follow the latest landing page trends.
  • Buying Facebook lead ads directly from their Business Platform. These ads give you the opportunity to generate leads, based on desired criteria, easily, with just a few settings.

Source: Facebook.

Facebook lead ads are efficient if your target customers who frequently use smartphones to access social media. Unlike the basic lead generation, the Facebook lead ads generate an autofill form containing the user’s information, whenever the ad is clicked. Thus, the process is more convenient for the user as he is not redirected to a landing page.

The same autofill in process happens in the case of LinkedIn lead gen forms. Since LinkedIn is a professional social media channel, the generated leads may contain a wider set of qualified information, in comparison with Facebook.

On Twitter, a great way to generate leads is by using Twitter cards or through paid ads. The cards are completely free, allowing you to make your tweets more appealing by attaching various types of media. Once the link, within a lead generation card, is clicked, the user is redirected to a page where he is asked to enter his email.

 2. Share gated content

Focusing your effort on creating and sharing meaningful content will definitely be paid off, as the gated content is among the top lead generation ideas when it comes to engaging users. As statistics reveal, content marketing generates over three times as many leads as outbound marketing.

In exchange for their contact information, the users receive the gated content which basically translates as online material, such as a report, whitepaper, guide, an ebook on a subject of great interest for them.

3. Host webinars

Hosting webinars is a cheap technique for leads and traffic generation and may transform followers into assets. Whether you are doing it to promote a product or to inform your followers, as in the case of gated content, a webinar subject shall be appealing for your followers, otherwise, you will end up losing your time.

In the same time, this is a great way to build trust around your brand. Hosting regular webinars will prove your followers that you own reliable expertise in the field you are activating.

4. Use geotargeted search

The geo-targeted search offers you the possibility to assign ads based on a location-targeting option. This tactic comes in handy especially when selling products and services locally as you may generate quality leads, otherwise said, leads of individuals located near your business

5. Promotional offers and discounts

Everyone loves free stuff! Offering periodic deals may give you a boost in terms of lead generation. In exchange for a coupon, offer or discount, the user will be more willing to offer his information. This may be a great technique to also improve your sales.

Final Thoughts

Dealing with lead generation may not be an easy task but, for sure, it pays off the effort. Before choosing to implement any of the above techniques it is crucial to have an idea about your followers’ interests, as well as which social platforms they mostly use.

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