Get Online Shares Like a Social Media Guru – 8 tips

Did you know that visual content, images and videos are 40 times more popular than any other content? This makes up the majority of content shared on social media platforms. Social media marketing is effective because it’s short and straightforward.

If you don’t have experience with social media marketing but are looking to take the dive, you can become a social media guru in no time. There are tons of social media tools you can use to help you get there.

Don’t know where to start? Don’t worry, we have compiled a list of helpful tips below to get you started on your journey. Keep reading to see how they can benefit your marketing.

1. Social Media Tools

Having the right tools in your back pocket is important. If you have a plan and a marketing strategy, but don’t know how to implement it, you’re not going to get far. Using the right tools will save you significant time.

Your website foundation and landing pages should be built into a tool that makes it easy to share your social content. If it isn’t, you need to be sure you’re using a tool that allows you to do that. When a user clicks your social icon, they can instantly re-post your content.

2. Sharing and Re-sharing

A social media post’s life is short, often less than an hour. That means many of your users will not see your post or engage with it. The social media platforms differ a little but give it a couple hours and your post is irrelevant.

A social media guru shares content that has already posted. This is a good way to ensure your users will see it.

Sharing the same post every hour for an entire day isn’t smart because it looks like spam. However, sharing the same post once a day, every other day, for a week will maximize your views.

Changing up the message to make it look similar to the original post but not identical will help increase views. You can use social media tools to queue up your original post to re-post at a different time and day.

3. Name Dropping

Mentioning people or clients can help boost your posts if they are well-known in the industry. If your company has a client they have done a case study on or a white paper, sharing this content with that client may get you more views.

How? They may be excited about your piece and want to share it with others in their company or outside of their company.

The best part? They will probably share it with their audience on social media, which will be different from yours. This is the best way to grow your audience organically as a social media guru.

4. Influencer Round-Up

Finding experts in your industry and getting them to agree to add to your content to share is a great way to get more social shares. Having insight from top industry thought leaders will create a boost in traffic.

Your target audience will know who the person is and be excited about what they have to say. You can use this post to link to the writer’s social media and website, alongside yours. You can ask them to reshare when the post is published so it boosts your traffic.

This provides value for both the writer and you. The writer is getting an increase in website traffic and you’re getting likes and shares of your social posts. Getting them to participate may be difficult, but letting them know the benefits for them may help.

5. Guest Submissions

When someone has agreed to create a content piece for you, you can use this content as a blog post. Guest blogs are a great way to get more shares on your social media platforms.

You can find influencers in your target niches by doing a little research. There are tools you can use to help you do influencer research such as BuzzSumo. They can find people that share content and write articles that are a similar topic.

Your audience is likely to follow these influencers and reaching out to them to ask if they wouldn’t mind writing a post for your blog would provide great benefits.

6. Quotes and One-Liners

When you are writing your posts to share on social, they need to be short and to the point. Writing a long, drawn out post is harder for the users to read. If it’s too long, they are less likely to share it on their platform.

If you have a blog post that you published but want to share it on social media, you can! Instead of sharing the whole post, you can pull a one-liner from the blog post that is attention-grabbing.

Social media platforms have limited character counts, so sharing a whole post would be impossible. Anytime you have a quote you could use on social to post or share, put it in a document you can reference later for quick use.

7. Email Marketing

Email marketing is another way to get social shares or likes. When you send an email to your audience, having your social icons in the bottom creates an easy way for users to get to your profiles.

These icons drive users to follow your social media sites or scroll through your feed and re-post content you’ve shared.

Another great thing about email marketing is you can use your email subscriber lists. Remarketing is an effective way to retarget users with ads. You can upload your email subscriber list to a social platform and target those people on social media.

8. Stay Up to Date With Trends

Staying up to date with social media trends is important if you want to be successful. Social media is constantly changing and requires attention. If you’re on top of the latest trends, your company is going to be successful.

Using the latest trending keywords and articles in your posts are sure to bring you traffic and activity on your posts.

You’re Now a Social Media Guru

Now you know how to start your social media campaigns and how you can improve them. You may not be a social media guru yet, but practice makes perfect! Using the tips above, you can reach the expert level in no time.

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