Are you familiar with Google’s new project AMP open source initiative?

Do you know what AMP stands for yet?

Think about page loading speed and how rapidly it could change with new technology…is this the new trend for SEO?

Let us break it down in this easy to follow article all about how the AMP roll-out has impacted the SEO world forever.

What Is Project AMP?

Google has created a new wave of optimized content that is geared toward mobile users. This is called project amp. AMP stands for Accelerated Mobile Pages to be exact. Google first launched it back in February of 2016 as a way for new articles to load quicker than ever before.

Pages that are marked as AMP are able to load up to “four times faster” and use up to eight times fewer data in comparison to other pages that lack this new optimization power, according to Pinterest technical architecture lead, Jon Parise.

For example, Pinterest users are able to load pins at a higher speed. With the new AMP technology, users can quickly flip through their feeds. Of course, this exciting feature also benefits our ever slowly deteriorating attention spans that continue to drop.

How Does AMP Work?

In a mobile-orientated lifestyle, project amp was invented to reach everyone with the cell phone in hand to optimize page loading speed.

Let’s break down what goes on behind the scenes of an AMP page.

  1. The AMP HTML coding has been altered to load pages faster
  2. Installing AMP Javascript means having coding that is ideal for mobile page loading speeds to decrease

If a page has a loading time that exceeds over three seconds, people are more likely to click away. With this statistic in mind, the project AMP created by Google will significantly improve overall page loading speed. The user and the publisher will benefit from project amp improvements because the pages become stripped down and easier to digest.

Does Project AMP Hurt SEO Rank?

So far, project AMP is not yet categorized as a Ranking Signal. Since AMP is still so new, time will tell what impact AMP will have on SEO rankings. Mobile experience does lead to higher SEO rankings, so project AMP can eventually boost SEO in the long run.

Currently, there are over 2 billion Google AMP documents out on the world wide web. More and more websites are seeing traffic from amp sources. Websites such as the Miami Herald have seen a 10% increase.

Yes, AMP web pages are on the rise. If you need some support with how to implement them, we have some resources for you to use.

The results from the Miami Herald are persuading publishers to implement them into their own generated content. Placing AMP code into your website’s HTML can drive traffic from new search sources.

How Do I Create AMP Content?

You may be curious about creating your own project AMP content. It’s important to figure out what content you want to write about first, and then focus on how it will translate across mobile platforms. AMP content is changing how people interact with all types of mobile searches.

So, how do you conquer the world of AMP?

This is the formula you will need to follow to have great AMP content:

First, you should focus on including a catching headline. If you do not have a compelling headline to grab your reader’s attention, then the amazing AMP content you just created will not do its job!

The next step in the AMP process would be to add a captivating image. Visuals are key when it comes to AMP mobile friendliness. Find photos that relate to the rest of your post for the best content creation.

The final step in this SEO boosting formula would be to keep your image caption down to about 100 words. The first words that are found on your page will set the stage for what’s next. Make sure you impress your audience in just a short paragraph to keep them engaged.

Once you stick to this calculated formula, you can master the AMP-optimization technique. Over half of all searches are now done on mobile devices, which means updating your website to include AMP pages can seriously increase your traffic numbers. Take your time learning this new process to help your website grow.

Is AMP The Future of SEO?

Google’s latest project aims to make content more beautiful and cleaner than it ever has been. The Internet is so full of information that it would be life changing to make it more digestible, right? Advertisements and news articles alike will load with lightning speed because of the advancements of this technology.

AMP is not only great for users on mobile devices, but it is wonderful news for business owners. The power of this new tech wave is higher engagement levels. When people are clicking through your website, they can load data faster and interact with your content faster, too.

If your audience is able to rapidly search through your website then this will lead to happier customers. High-speed experiences equal larger revenue.

Consider this example: you run a company that is selling watches. If your pages include AMP-optimization, then your potential customer can easily speed through the list of watches until he or she finds the right one.

Clicking on larger images of each watch will be a breeze with AMP-optimized images.

Want to Set AMP Up on Your Website?

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Mobile search is on the verge of taking over desktop searches. With this information in mind, you need to consider AMP as your new way of marketing your business.