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Hello - So you want to publish your content here?

Great, we will be happy to publish your content on this website, as long as you follow some basic guidelines 🙂 is a website about WordPress and online marketing. The content ranges from easy explainer articles to more advanced topics.

You can check posts on our site for ideas. Your content must be related to the rest of the site to be accepted and published.

General guidelines

  • Articles have to be written in English
  • Please deliver finished work - spell-checked, proof-read and read by you three times
  • We know you're writing the article to promote something - let us know where you want to link to. All our links are do-follow but we need to check them first
  • No affiliate links, under any circumstances! no casino sites, no vaping, no essay writing services, and no illegal stuff of any kind!
  • Send us a few ideas before the article - it'll save you time because we can't approve just anything
  • We generally want topics related to WordPress security, WordPress and Blogging in general, SEO, and Digital Marketing but if you have something else in mind, please feel free to ask
  • In general, we give the green light based on titles, but until we see the entire article we do not guarantee it'll be published
  • Original content only! Not refurbished, not rewritten. We check all submission and can easily identify copied (stolen) content
  • We don't have a minimum content length rule, but we're looking for epic pieces
  • Write for readers, not search engines
  • Include images and videos where possible
  • Write a few sentences about yourself
  • Try to link to older articles found on our blog.

Submission details:

  • You can submit to us via a Word .docx document or you can share a Google Doc with us.
  • Please keep images to a minimum of 800px width, do not worry about larger images - we will resize them automatically.
  • Author name and a short description. Feel free to include a link or two.
  • Author photo - Optional, not required.
  • We will share your article with our social media platforms and we will also send out a newsletter with your article to our readers.
  • Share and link! Once we publish the article remember to share with your own audience and build links to the blogpost to increase the value of your article.