Ways to harden WordPress Accounts to Prevent Attacks

Your blog is your baby, which is why it is important to harden your WordPress account. Read here why you need to harden WordPress accounts!

The internet is a dangerous place these days. If you live on the internet like the rest of us, you probably see signs of danger all around you.

Facebook friends warning you that they’ve been hacked. Large corporations losing sensitive information to hackers and bots.

If you have your business online, you’re even more vulnerable to attack. There are people out there who want to get into your stuff.

And lately, that stuff is your WordPress site. You should already know WordPress is an amazing platform but did you know that you need to secure it?

You need to harden WordPress. Why? Because recently, WordPress found a “zero-day flaw” in their software. Let’s look at how you can stop attacks from the outside.

What Parts Of WordPress Does The Flaw Effect?

The flaw affects versions 4.7 and 4.7.1 of the WordPress content management system. What does this do? It allows the attacker to modify all pages on the unpatched sites and redirect visitors to malicious pages.

A man by the name of Marc-Alexandre Montpas discovered the issue. He reported it to the WordPress security team who then released a patch.

It specifically affected the WordPress REST API. This API allowed users the ability to view, edit, delete, and create posts.

How Do I Harden WordPress Against Such Exploits In The Future?

Most webmasters think their job is to protect the website and its files. But the real asset isn’t your website. It’s your customer data. That’s what the attacker wants. They want information.

Information is the currency of the internet. And if they can get their hands on your customer’s data, they can sell it on the black market for a pretty penny.

So, even though you are going to be fortifying your software, the reason you do it is your customers.

Because, once you’ve broken their trust, you won’t come back.

An attacker can worm his way into user data by attacking your website and files. If they have the ability to modify your files they can gain login information for your database and access user information.

Only Install Trusted Software

If you want to harden WordPress, only install trusted software. This may seem common sense, but one of the ways attackers get past your defenses is by giving you infected software. They are pretty good at passing it off as the real thing.

There are malicious people out there who can take a perfectly safe and secure plug-in and turn it into something malicious.

This is called a nulled script. The only way to avoid a nulled script is to download your plugins from reputable sources.

You will find all of what you need at these two sites.

If you only download plugins and APIs that come from reputable sources, you should be fairly safe.

Another way to harden WordPress is to update WordPress on a regular basis. WordPress should be updating automatically, but you should be constantly checking to make sure it missed nothing.

The conclusion

Your user’s data is precious. Treat it as such. Make sure you secure everything you can.

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