How to automate SEO reporting!

Automating SEO Reporting – Working fulltime with SEO means tracking and monitoring a lot of data for a lot of different projects and clients.

Collecting and gathering the information for just a few projects can be difficult and very time-consuming, but with a few SEO tools, services and investments you can build a system that runs automatically and leaves you time to focus on the more challenging aspects of building SEO strategies.

The investment is worth it

I run several successful SEO projects for myself and a range of clients, and I am able keep an eye on all projects and build SEO strategies based on a lot of updated SEO relevant data, which is gathered automatically for me.

How I do it

I am a fan of the SEO Powersuite package. I purchased the Enterprise package a while ago and I just love it. Best SEO software I have ever worked with!

The SEO PowerSuite (Enterprise edition) is installed on my Mac Mini running as my home server (and entertainment center).

SEO PowerSuite consists of 4 applications and Rank Tracker tracks the ranking position on any search engine you want on as many keywords as you wish.

I have configured it to automatically track the positioning for a range of websites.

The ranking position for each keyword and keyword phrase is updated automatically every week via the built-in scheduler, without any need for me to do anything.

SEO Ranking Reports

For each of these websites a report is generated automatically each week as well, and two things happen.

1. The reports are e-mailed to the customer

First of all an e-mail is sent directly to the customer with the report attached as a .pdf.

The reports generated are well designed and extensive in their detail, providing all the necessary information along with historic data for each and every keyword.

This is a service I offer some clients, and this service helps me maintain regular communication with my SEO customers, and the reports usually also motivates my clients and attracts new business regularly.

2. The reports are stored in Dropbox

The second thing is that the report is stored on my Dropbox account (referrer link), which is then synchronized across my computers and devices.

Dropbox is essential

I could not run my business the way I do without a service like Dropbox.

I have a fairly unpredictable life and my daily life conflicts quite often with regular report generation and tracking. Besides that I also find the repetitive labour horribly extremely dull and boring!

By having my Mac Mini act as an automated tracking and reporting station I am able to monitor a lot of websites for myself and my customers with ease.

Up to date reports

I have Dropbox synchronized on all my devices, so I can easily and quickly pull up the latest report for any customer when I’m working on any laptop or on my iPad when I’m sitting in a cafe sipping coffee.

New clients = 30 minutes

Yep, I can set up a weekly (or monthly) monitoring report for any new customer in about 30 minutes, including time for branding the reports that are dynamically generated.

Controlled from anywhere

With remote control software I remote control my server from anywhere, even sitting in an airport thousands of kilometers away on my iPad.

Backing up Dropbox

Yep, I am a little paranoid, so I’ve configured my Dropbox account to also be backed up to my Time Capsule, so I have several safeguards in case of breakdown or theft.

Restore in no time

I also store the project data files in my Dropbox folder, so should my server fail or be stolen, I can switch another machine and be up and running in about an hour.

Backup paranoia? Perhaps, but I sleep well at night 🙂 Newsletter

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