LinkDiagnosis Review is an online website diagnosis, and it is very easy to use, well designed, but it has a problem.

I have been using LinkDiagnosis since I first encountered it a long time ago. The old design (now called classic) has analyzed many websites for me over time.

The tool is perfect for running quick analysis of websites, as compared to the more robust offline tools I use for detailed analysis, where I prefer and recommend WebCeo (aff).

For quick analysis for when a potential client is on the phone, or you just need to get a quick overview, I always turn to LinkDiagnosis.

They have recently announced a new release, which is still free, but if you sign up, you can save the reports you run, as well as looking them up again, and organizing them into separate projects, which is a very nice feature.

LinkDiagnosis Reports

LinkDiagnosis Reports

LinkDiagnosis can analyze your backlinks, your indexation or report on the age of the page for any domain.

They also check the individual page that has your link, and detects number of outbound links from that page, and use it to calculate a “Link Strength”. This link strength formula is based on the PR of the page, and the amount of outbound links. If a particular page has 100 outbound links, your one backlink is not very powerful compared to a link from a page that has 10 outbound links.

Setting up a report is very easy, and when you click Analyze, it will do its thing, and present you with a nice well formed report.

LinkDiagnosis Results for

LinkDiagnosis Results for

The report also presents Pages Indexed as well as their individual strength.

LinkDiagnosis Pages Indexed

A report of the different Anchor Texts will also be presented.

LinkDiagnosis Most Popular Anchors

LinkDiagnosis Most Popular Anchors

The problem

Okay, I admit, I still love to use LinkDiagnosis, but after running a test between the new LinkDiagnosis and the old (classic), I noticed quite a few different things:

  • The number of backlinks reported
  • The number of anchor texts reported

The new LinkDiagnosis reported 228 backlinks with 46 different anchor texts.
The old LinkDiagnosis reported 748 backlinks with 24 different anchor texts.

Either are not very accurate, I know that even Google currently reports more than 1500 backlinks for (at the time of writing this review), and for refence, right now Yahoo Site Explorer reports over 65.000 backlinks to

So, where does this difference come from? For one thing, I noticed that the report only checks up to the first 100 pages (101 to be exact, or so it says whilst generating the report), and Yahoo Site Explorer reports EVERY page that has a backlink to the site in question.


I believe LinkDiagnosis only runs a report on single domains, so even though a website has 10 backlinks to a site, LinkDiagnosis only reports one of them.

The problem I mention should not hold you back from trying out LinkDiagnosis, it is still a very powerful tool, well designed, and very very free.


  1. Joe Griffin on 06/09/2009 at 09:53

    Thanks for the review! We will probably enable larger reports. The problem is that letting users capture all links from an entire domain can often cause the users ip to be blocked from
    capturing PR scores. In other words, a site that has 4000 backlinks might have 1000 coming from a single website. 1000 calls to google pagerank could
    cause a temporary ip block. Now, the 3000 unique
    backlinks will not display PR… We are thinking about letting users run “full reports” or “optimized reports” – the full reports will have to run much slower – which was a major complaint from users running Classic reports.


    • sharonsky on 02/11/2009 at 06:34

      i love this tool and i hope it stay free
      but why it keep askung me to install firefox??

  2. on 06/09/2009 at 10:51

    Hi Joe Griffin

    Thank you for stopping by 🙂 Running the report without PR lookup could be an option? Personally, I am not overtly interested in PR albeit as a measure of “trust” from Google.

    So how about the alternative: The report could run without PR checking, and then I could request a PR from a specific page by clicking on a button in the report?

    Anyway, thanks for dropping by, I have enjoyed your free service immensely over the years, please keep up the good work! 🙂

  3. Joe Griffin on 06/09/2009 at 17:15

    I think we will let users run either a full report or an optimized report. You can turn PR on or off if you like – which is also a feature in the current tool.


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