What is local SEO?

Local Search Engine Optimization is an online platform for a business to advertise their products and services online to the locals at an exact time when they need it and in search of them. It focuses more on generating visitors local to your business. It is a specialized niche in SEO – remember to check out What is SEO – Search Engine Optimization?

It helps the particular business get a place or ranking on Google search engines like; Yelp, Foursquare and yellow book. Many people use search engines to look for what they want therefore using local SEO services is a great way to get exposure and allow for a more significant clientele. These SEARCH engines give the customer all they need to know such as your location, contact information, products/services, operation hours, special offers/coupons, etc.

Local SEO ChecklistSEO is a process that requires both technical and creative sets of activity. It is divided into three phases. One is planning and Strategy which involves analyzing the business or website from a technical and marketing perspective. It is also long-term, meaning it should be viewed as a long-term investment business venture. Unlike online advertisements that have quick short-term profits, SEOs have a higher initial cost, and the returns are not immediate, but it is the better option since it is long-term and the benefits increase with time at a constant rate.

This is the same thing as asking how SEO can help attract more local customers. A couple of reasons help to achieve this is objective.

The first reason is that in this digital era, most people are turning to the internet for almost everything they need to know. Looking for products and services has not been left behind as most people search for a place to buy online instead of walking and driving for hours in search of these places.

Therefore, SEOs provide the biggest platform to make this possible. It has been found that almost 40% of grown-ups do not use newspapers anymore.

Another reason is that it is timely and highly targeted. Most people do use the search engines to find the exact business, product, and location of the business. This then makes it possible for a business to use the local SEOs to provide this information to such potential customers.

They have the highest conversation rate than any other advertising platform available. What this means is that online directories like Yelp offer a lot of information concerning a business; name, location, products offered, etc. and this local directories fill the first pages of search engines, this means if a business is put on quality directories, it has a higher chance of converting a search into an actual customer.

Mobile technology is growing, and most smartphones provide these services. Therefore, anyone can use the local SEOs anytime, anywhere. This means there is always a good chance to get a potential customer. It thus makes it convenient to have an optimal search index.

It provides a great return on investment in the sense that unlike traditional methods of advertisement like newspapers, leaflets, and commercials, this method is readily available when the customer needs it. The money that is spent does not go to waste because the advertisement will always serve its purpose.

Most of the local SEO on Google is free. This is very convenient and allows many businesses to use them. Therefore, with free advertisements, it is a worthy investment. Statistics have shown that 88% of people trust online review because they tend to be reliable and true. Unlike advertisements on commercials and newspapers where the reviews are staged, online reviews are real and authentic 80% of the time. Asking customers to leave positive reviews is very important for a business to grow.

Local SEOs also help small business or startups gain a competitive edge against large and established companies. This is so because online advertising platforms give equal and level opportunities for all. All that counts is the quality of service you provide, your reviews and accessibility.

The other major reason is that it offers room for improvement for all businesses. By watching your competitors and the business that is dominating the search pages, it gives you the exact things and areas to change regarding your business giving it a competitive edge too.

Last but not least it gives the customers an easier chance and opportunity for potential clients. By having your business details appearing in directories, it creates ease for both the customer and the business owners because of the simplicity the internet has provided.