All content creators know the struggle of attracting subscribers to their website.

Content creators are already making content available and accessible for free and they receive the views, yet they struggle with the hurdle of making a website visitor a subscriber.

There’s an important fact all content creators should remember: you have the power.

Whether you write blogs, have a weekly content, or create video content, understand internet users need content to keep updated on current events and other pieces of knowledge.

Your visitors should show they appreciate your content. Here are 5 membership website ideas to get your already devoted visitors to become subscribers.

1. Content for Subscribers

Chances are, the same people are going to your website. They enjoy your content, they see you as a reputable figure in the industry, and they want to know your updates.

While that’s flattering, you need to convince them to give you more leads.

There are lots of content creators now. You need to let them know you stand out.

And the best way to do that is to create content specifically for subscribers.

This can be valuable content, which is content from a different perspective than what you usually post, and insider content, which is angled toward more personal topics and opinions.

Your visitors don’t have to pay. They can simply enter their email and receive updates on new content.

Offering them new and unique content will help them feel special. This is one of the best membership website ideas because visitors won’t feel that way if there was no other incentive for them to subscribe.

By stating they will receive notifications on new content specific to them, they will feel more involved with your content.

2. Live Video, Voice, or Chat

This is one of the best membership website ideas if you’re the central figure of your website. If your visitors see you as a correspondent, they care about your image and what you have to say. Chances are, they want to interact with you.

So let them. Open up different platforms so your subscribers can communicate with you. But only open them up to those who subscribe.

You can even use these chats to invite others to subscribe. Technology has made it easy to pre-record a live chat session and embed that on another platform.

When your other visitors see you interacting with other website visitors, they may want to subscribe and talk with you.

You don’t have to host these chats all the time; you’re already busy compiling original content, so these chats will become too time-consuming. But devote an hour each week or so to talk to your website visitors.

3. Discussion Forums

Say you want to interact with your fans, but don’t want to do anything live. Or maybe, you simply want to hear what they have to say.

Open up a discussion forum, or change your discussion forum’s settings to only allow subscribers to comment.

Everyone has an opinion or something to say. Discussions are a great way to receive feedback from your audience and an even better way for your audience to express their opinions or ask questions.

When you only make this feature available to subscribers, it helps stir interest even further.

Your visitors want to feel connected with your content, and discussion forums are convenient for them to be directly involved with your content.

There are many reasons why this is one of the best membership website ideas.

Most websites allow any visitor to comment. But when you restrict this access, your visitors will develop more respect and interest. This also helps if your visitors see you interacting with commenters.

Opening up your discussion to only subscribers also prevents from spam and harassment.

4. Allow Products or Classes for Subscribers

Depending on your content, have products or classes available for your subscribers. This helps leads for your subscription feature but also can bring in some extra cash.

There are two separate payment methods you can do:

1. You can charge a monthly fee for a subscription — whether each subscriber pays the same amount or you charge more for different services. When they pay for a subscription, they receive the services for free.

2. The subscription is free but you pay for the products and classes.

However, this isn’t one of the better membership website ideas if you have a small website.

This model especially helps if you attract a niche audience or if your content is different than what other content creators are doing.

But you should always create content for free while having the paid subscription service. When you create great content for free, it pulls people to your website.

5. Contests

Everyone likes to be a winner. You already see your website visitors as winners.

Why not prove they’re winners with one of these membership website ideas?

Set up a contest and have them specifically for subscribers. Only, don’t promote these contests as ‘subscribers only.’

Promote them as ‘enter your email address for a chance to win.’ Don’t be afraid to pay for advertising — this will only bring in more subscribers.

If you already have a subscriber list, automatically enter in your current subscribers to the contest.

Have a date in a mind for them to submit and enter the contest. When you have the list, pick someone at random.

Now, what should these people win? If you sell a product or service, have them win something that’s in demand or a popular product or feature.

If you partner with a third-party that sells a product or a feature, see if you can offer your winners one of those services.

Are These Good Membership Website Ideas?

If you know you have a devoted website following, you need to increase your subscription leads. Fortunately, there are so many good ways to entice your followers to take the next step and hit that subscribe button.

When you offer subscribers perks that regular website visitors don’t have, this will encourage them to indulge in the subscription and the benefits that come with being a subscriber.

If you want to take your website to the next level, we can make services such as subscriptions easy to manage.