Want your mobile app to take off in the industry?

Then, you need high SEO rankings and sturdy mobile UI design to get noticed. In fact, you have to stand out among the other 2.2 million mobile apps available in Apple’s store!

If you’re trying to grow website traffic, your SEO ranking will rely on your mobile strategy. However, you may be making these five mobile UI design mistakes and hurting your SEO in the process.

Keep reading to learn more about the five big mistakes that are killing your search engine optimization – remember you can always A/B test your ideas with Google Optimize or similar tool suited to your project.

Forgetting your target audience

One of the biggest mistakes you can make is to disregard your target audience.

Regardless of how attractive your app may be, without a targeted audience, your SEO rankings will decline. You need to have a specific audience in mind when designing your mobile app.

Therefore, you need to define your target demographic. This will help focus your app on meeting the needs of your end users. Age group and gender, for example, are important for understanding what your customers want from the app.

Too much vital info stored in images

SEO rankings depend on content. The text is still the best way for search engines to determine your keywords. If you have too much important information stored in images or videos, your SEO rankings will drop, and your customers won’t be able to find you.

Be sure to include pertinent data in the text of your mobile apps!

Mobile UI design still has the sign-in feature

Developers still think that a mobile app needs to have a sign-in feature. While this may be an active security technique, many customers today find the sign-feature a chore.

It’s a significant pain for the customer to enter the same information day in and day out. This tests their patience.

It’s much simpler to remove the sign-in process from your mobile app. Getting rid of lengthy registration processes would also benefit the customer and improve your SEO ranking.

Your app has a ton of features

Your mobile UI design can suffer when you include too many features as well. This can make your app run much more slowly than you want it to.

Too many bells and whistles eat up memory and impact the output. When you first create your mobile app, include only the most relevant features that bring functionality to your users.

You can always update your app with more features at later stages!

Ignoring feedback when redesigning your mobile app

If  you are thinking to change or rewamp your branding you really should collect and review user feedback.

Mobile apps need to be regularly redesigned to compete in the market. Rebranding without proper feedback can be a recipe for disaster. Instead of focusing all your design efforts on visual appeal, be sure it meets the needs of your target audience as well.

This is where feedback comes in.

When you regularly collect customer feedback, you can understand what changes you need to make to your app.

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