Move Your Wordpress Site to a New Domain (Without Hurting SEO)

Move Your Wordpress Site to New Domain Without Hurting SEO

Your site is your brand’s home. It is how you welcome new relationships and maintain those already established.

You have a history with your site. It has been there from the start as a partner of sorts. It has also tracked every step of the way and has the data to show for it.

What happens when you have to say goodbye? How do you pack up and move on?

“Ctrl + move your Wordpress site to new domain.” Here’s how to do it without hurting SEO:

1. Backup and Protect

There are a few ways to do this. The main point is to make sure you have the content of site #1 in a safe place to make a move to site #2.

Plugins are typically the easiest way, especially from a non-technical eye. Some are free, and some are at a cost.

Remember, you can’t have a new site without the content from the old one (unless this is some complete re-brand/new direction). Take the time, and maybe the extra money, to make sure it gets done right.

2. Start Over

A new site also equals new database. Set this up and get ready to make the real move – uploading the old database. This is essentially your unpacking.

Site #1, meet site #2. Duplicator and Search-Replace-DB work well for this step.

3. Fix It

Here comes the fun stuff. You have the gist of the old and the new, but all the kinks need to get worked out. To move your Wordpress site to a new domain is a big task.

If you have a Wordpress SEO plugin already, it will come in handy here. You want to make sure all your external links work. Your layouts should look as you intend, and your internal links need to land within your new domain.

Next, connect the old to the new. Set up permanent 301 redirects to send anyone typing in your old domain to land on your new site. This is crucial to your SEO.

4. Finish

You wouldn’t throw a housewarming party in your old home, would you? Make sure all your guests (old and new customers) know the new address (domain).

An excellent way to do this is through your automatic emails on your cross-seller.

Send out an updated email with the new domain for your existing customers. You can also write a blog to introduce the new home, and maybe offer personal insight on the switch.

Your new customers will already be headed to the new site. Now everyone is at the same party! You may also want to tell Google about your switch; they’re pretty good about getting the word out online.

There you have it. Like any new home, it feels new, refreshed, and exciting.

It also houses old memories. Things you can’t let go of like data, content, and SEO.

To move your Wordpress site to a new domain is not an everyday task, but how it’s done impacts every day after that.

On a final note, remember asking an expert wouldn’t hurt either.