number_format_i18n Function Reference and Usage

In a previous post, I wrote about the usage of the date_i18n function in WordPress called date_i18n Function Reference and Usage.

This post will address how to properly format displaying values (numbers) according to the WordPress blog settings.

The function to use for this is number_format_i18n – Read the reference material on

WordPress comes with a lot of nice features to reduce developer headaches and ensure things just work no matter where you use your code.

The usage is much easier than the date-function, as it is a simple function that accepts only a single parameter, the value to be displayed.


$thenumber = 1420.3321;
echo number_format_i18n($thenumber,2);

The output will display the number in the correct localized format for your blog, use the second parameter to set the number of decimals.

Edit: Finally, after Brent made a comment back in 2009, I have updated the post to mention decimals.

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2 thoughts on “number_format_i18n Function Reference and Usage”

  1. Brent Shepherd

    Lars, thanks for publishing this post. I hadn’t realised until today there was a function to easily take care of number formatting. The more discussion on it the better!

    One correction, number_format_i18n can optionally take a second parameter – $decimals – representing the number of decimals to include.

  2. I never got around to saying thanks or actually updating the post. I just did, almost 9 years later, yikes – time flies. Anyway – Thank you 🙂

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