Optimize The WP Greet Box Plugin For Better SEO

This site, as many others, use WP Greet Box to help welcome new visitors, and to utilize them to subscribe to your RSS feed or share a link on Facebook, and so on.

There is a problem with the default settings of the plugin, however.

One of the default “greetings” for NOSCRIPT is for browsers that does not have Javascript installed. The problem is that Google search bots also comes without Javascript, so they will actually index the text. And as it is shown above your actual post content (per default) it will be shown in the Google Search results

The NOSCRIPT greeting in WP Greet Box
The NOSCRIPT greeting in WP Greet Box

If you search on Google for the beginning of the term, “hello there! if you are new here, you might want to” , you will see about 259.000 results for this search term. That is quite a lot of pages.

As I wrote about recently in a post about how your site is listed in Google, you have to ensure your listing is as optimal as possible.

Here is how to fix it:

  • Go to your settings page in the adminstration panel
  • Find and click “WP Greet Box” to show the settings.
  • In the list you will see a greeting named “NOSCRIPT”

    The NOSCRIPT greeting
    The NOSCRIPT greeting
  • Go to the right of this greeting and click Deactivate

Your website should now be ready

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3 thoughts on “Optimize The WP Greet Box Plugin For Better SEO”

  1. 993C4S.com

    hmmm. interesting. I noticed you moved GB to the bottom of your post. Did you find that deactivating the NOSCRIPT still didn’t fix the issue?

  2. cleverplugins.com

    Hi 993C4S

    No, actually, it was a matter of trying out different things to preserve screen real estate. The theme I am currently using has too little space above “the fold”, and I am experimenting with different solutions. That is why 🙂

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