Organic SEO growth is the only reliable way to move your way up in the Google rankings, but it isn’t easy!

The smart use of keywords, link building, and backlinking takes effort and it can be tempting to ignore organic SEO tips in favor of trying to trick search engine algorithms with shady practices.

In reality, any gains you make through such tricks are going to be lost as Google’s algorithm constantly improves. The only way to really affect your SEO overall is by using white hat SEO, which creates organic growth.

White Hat SEO refers to people and strategies working with Search Engine Optimization that follows exclusively the public guidelines from Google, Bing and so on.

Read on to find some of the best organic SEO tips to build your website’s ranking in a lasting way.

Focus on Target Keywords

Mark sure you do your research before deciding on the keywords you’ll be usings for your website.

Sure, it is tempting to use the biggest, most popular keywords to cover the most ground, but this can actually be counter-productive. It broadens the field of competition for traffic, pitting you against tons of other websites.

Instead, try to find the sweet spot between specificity and broadness. Choose keywords that are specific enough to serve a niche, but still broad enough to be searched relatively often.

Capitalize on Local SEO

Did you know that Google optimizes searches based on the searcher’s location?

This is great news when it comes to marketing your business. You don’t have to compete equally with every single business on earth. Instead, you will automatically rank higher with customers in your area.

That’s why you’ve got to optimize your local SEO.

Having links relevant to your specific area will increase your rankings. Another great rankings booster are customer reviews and photos. If you want to improve your local SEO, encourage customers to engage with you online.

Also ensure that you are registered with Google My Business, which will give your local rankings a boost.

Solid On-Page Optimization

Proven SEO optimization strategies will help grow your rankings.

First of all, choose SEO-friendly URLs and headers on your pages. This means naturally incorporating your keywords.

Pay attention to your multimedia. Providing video transcriptions and providing captions and alt text will increase the amount of searchable text on your page, while also improving user experience. Try to incorporate your keywords for an added boost.

The speed of your website is also important. Make sure your website is properly optimized to load quickly.

Add a Blog to Your Website

Blogging is one of the best ways to increase your rankings.

It allows you to create more pages featuring your keywords in a way that goes over well with Google’s algorithm. It also provides your customers more valuable content.

Plus, you can optimize your SEO without cluttering up your other pages.

Powering Up These Organic SEO Tips

Now you know how you can build strong organic SEO. If you are ready to bring your rankings to the next level, consider an SEO boosting plug-in that makes it easier to manage everything you need for white hat SEO. From link discovery to tagging, you can build your rankings even faster.