7 Wordpress Plugins for On-Page of Startups

Wordpress is one of the best tools online for website owners to create and manage content. With a premium subscription, you gain access to several tools that help you format and edit posts to your website. It is excellent for helping market your business and is used by most small and medium-sized businesses these days.

Wordpress is such an excellent tool that it is ranked as one of the top web development tools by experts such as Alex Lysak from ScanTeam. Lysak will tell you that you can’t do much better than Wordpress as a web developer.

With all that said, there are many popular Wordpress plugins that you can download to improve your overall experience. Despite it being an excellent content management system, some additional functions are well worth their price tags. So, here are some of the must-have plugins for Wordpress.


If you are looking for a Wordpress free plugin, one of the first ones you should consider is Yoast. It is the most popular SEO plugin, making it one of the top Wordpress plugins of 2020.

So, what’s all the hype about? Yoast gives you the ability to choose your target keyword or keywords and analyze your posts. With this analysis, you will be informed of any SEO opportunities or errors.

Additionally, it will provide you with readability scores based on the Flesch Reading Ease formula. It is vital to ensure that readers are more likely to read your article all the way through.

This plugin is free, but you can also upgrade to the premium version for $89 a year.


Many new businesses struggle with keyword optimization. It’s pretty straightforward, but if you don’t know what you’re doing, you might feel lost at first. However, with this plugin, you can easily optimize your keywords.

This plugin will help you do keyword research and track your keyword ranking changes. It will also generate reports on keyword ranking progress. With this program, you will be putting yourself in a position to succeed.

This plugin costs $21 for a regular license.


Many people will recommend that you use Google Analytics for all your analytic needs. However, if you have never used it before, it can be quite complicated; it isn’t the most user friendly. As a result, you should consider using another analytics tool, such as MonsterInsights.

This plugin will make it easier for you to install and use Google Analytics on your website. This tool costs between $39 and $299 a year, depending on the plan you choose.


When you set up your website, you’ll want to display your social media so that you can grow your following and market to more people. However, as you may know, social media plugins are notorious for slowing down websites and creating a bad user experience. As a result, you need to make sure that you pick a plugin that does what you need without causing any disruptions.

AddToAny is one of the few social media plugins that will get the job done without causing any significant issues for you. It lets you customize social media counters, as well as share buttons on your posts. With this tool, you will be able to encourage social media engagement on your websites.

Additionally, the plugin is entirely free!


Part of running a website means that you will need to deal with the trolls that roam the internet. We all wish there was a way to remove all of them, but that simply isn’t possible. However, there are ways to deter them.

You can download Askimet as a tool to keep trolls away from your site. It will filter out spam comments and contact form submissions. This should help give your startup credibility and keep your website user friendly.

The price of this plugin ranges from free to $50, depending on your company’s size.

W3 Total Cache

When you first launch your website, one of the most important things to manage is load time. It might not be something you think of at first, but it is essential to your business’s success. Sites that take more than 5 seconds to load have a 106% higher bounce rate than those under that threshold.

What this means is that more than twice as many people are leaving your site before it loads than average. That is a lot of business to miss out on. However, you can use the W3 Total Cache plugin to improve your load times.

It will use browser caching, progressive rendering, and HTTP compression to ensure that everything loads quickly. It is also completely free, so there’s no reason not to use it.

Popup Maker

When you start a website, there are some things you will need to ensure that it runs smoothly. You might want pop-ups to appear on certain pages to advertise different products or services. However, you need to make sure that these pop-ups are not intrusive.

Fortunately, this plugin will help you determine which pages on your site should have popups. The tool works seamlessly with Wordpress, and it even has some pre-made themes for you to test out.

If you are skeptical about adding pop-ups to your website, we understand. They do have a negative stigma, after all. However, they have been proven to be incredibly useful, so you should give them a try.

Master Wordpress with These 7 Plugins

Wordpress is a very important tool for you to understand as a startup. While it does a lot for you on its own, there are things that can improve it. That is where the plugins come in.

Not every plugin will fit your needs, but there are some that will. You should determine what you need to improve your experience and download those plugins. Having them will help you grow your business quicker than ever before.

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