5 Reasons why WordPress is the best platform for your online business

WordPress is the preferred platform for any site, including online business sites. It is true that there are unique e-commerce platforms, such as osCommerce but even for webshops, many people prefer WordPress. WordPress is extremely reliable, and this is one of the reasons to why so many webmasters prefer to have their online business on it.

However, reliability is just one of the many reasons as to why WordPress is the best platform for your online business. If you choose a reliable WordPress hosting plan, it is, of course, even better. There are many web hosting guides, for instance, Web Hosting Search, where you can find the latest information about which WordPress hosts that are the most reliable and which aren’t.

In addition to reliability, here are five more reasons why WordPress is the best platform for your
online business:

1. Free. If you have never heard about open source software, you might be wondering why something as great as WordPress is free. WordPress is free because it has been developed by a worldwide community of developers, who do it as a hobby and because they love the open source spirit. Not only WordPress itself is free, but also most of its themes and plugins are free, which means that you can create a rocking site for free.

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2. Easy to use. Ease of use is another reason why WordPress is an excellent choice for an online platform. This means that someone with little experience will be able to deal with WordPress with no or just a little help from the pros.

3. Secure. As far as online business is concerned, security is of the greatest importance. In regards to security, WordPress tops the list. It is true that there is no unhackable software and nobody can guarantee you that even with the most stringent security measures your WordPress site will never be hacked, but it does make a difference whether you install a security fortress or an easy target for a beginner hacker.

4. Highly customizable. You will certainly want your online platform to have a unique look. With WordPress, this is easy to achieve. There are thousands of themes you can choose from and thousands of plugins to add in order to get exactly the functionality you need. If you are a web designer and web developer, you can also use existing themes and plugins and modify them exactly to your liking. Not many other CMS offer such customization freedom!

5. Great community. Last, but not least, another reason why WordPress is such a great online platform is its community. The forums at WordPress.org and the other WordPress-related sites contain tons of threads about everything WordPress-related. Additionally, almost always when you are stuck with a problem and ask for help, knowledgeable and skillful WordPress gurus rush to your help. The WordPress community is only great, and you should experience it yourself.

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WordPress is a top CMS. It is easy to start using, yet it is powerful, and you can build your site exactly the way you dreamed it. If you have never tried WordPress, get it today and try it out.

Just don’t forget to browse through WordPress hosting guides to see which WordPress hosts that are worth dealing with and which aren’t. WordPress is reliable and secure, but a poor web host is more than it can stand, so don’t take any chances.

6 thoughts on “5 Reasons why WordPress is the best platform for your online business”

  1. sorry but same reasons why some CMS is best platform for e-bussiness you can write about any other open source CMS 🙁

    1. Lars Koudal

      I see you point, but I tend to disagree on several of the points.

      The user community seems much more friendly towards newbies and in general quite helpful. I’ve seen a lot of bad and uptight responses on other user forums.

      In terms of customization, I have never dived so deep down into another CMS, so it is hard for me to compare, but I believe I have found the perfect solution to customize and work with.

      And easy to use. That is a part where WordPress really stands out. Drupal and Joomla? OMG.. Learning curve just for making just average maintenance is high. Several customers from a former employer hired us to do a new version. This time not Joomla. I have yet to experience people wanting to move AWAY from WordPress.

      So. Although biased (obviously), I believe WP has several benefits compared to other open source CMS.

  2. Jennifer R

    Bu wordpress has some lak of function to make it becomes a real CSM like Joomla or Drupal, do you think it?

    1. cleverplugins.com

      Hi Jennifer R

      I agree that WordPress is not fully prepared as a CMS out of the box as Joomla and Drupal is. However, with a range of plugins, it is possible to customize and make a pretty flexible and solid CMS.

      Personally, it is one of the reasons I always turn to WordPress. WordPress is not as .. complex.. as Joomla, Drupal or similar, but you can expand on the base installation with a few plugins, and voila.

      Well, that is my opinion anyway 🙂

  3. Agree Konrad.

    WordPress is the best if you are a noob. But if you are a noob you probably shouldnt create your own online business. eZ publish is in my opinion much more in debt and robust, and blows both joomla and wordpress out of the water.

    but hey, thats just my 5 cents 🙂

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