Comments are great and allow your visitors to ask questions or engage in conversation with other visitors. So, why would you want to remove comments from your WordPress website?

On some pages and websites it does not make sense to have comments turned on, and it can easily be abused – Comment spam is a well-known problem and although there are many plugins that combat spam very well, they put unnecessary strain on your server, and waste resources to moderate comments when usually 99.9% of them are spam.

If you are wondering how to disable comment functionality in WordPress, read on.

Disable comments from WordPress

The first step for you to remove comments from WordPress is to disable comments entirely. This is very easy, and it should only take a couple of minutes.

Go to Settings -> Discussion

Discussion settings in WordPress

If you want more control over disabling comments per post type, there is a great plugin that can help you – No Comments, a free plugin available through WordPress.

After installation, go into the settings and configure the plugin. You’ll be able to use this to disable comments on pages and posts and media.

To disable comments on previous posts, you’ll want to select “disable all comments” and “disable all trackbacks.”

Additionally, you can still enable comments on a certain post/page which is a great feature. You’ll need to edit the particular page, and on the post editor menu, click “screen options.” In the drop down menu that appears, check the box for “Discussion.” You can now turn on comments for this particular post.

Discussion settings - Allow comments
Discussion settings per post

Remove old comments from WordPress

Maybe your site has shifted gears and become more professional recently. If you’ve had any casual conversations, or you or a friend have unintentionally revealed anything you aren’t keen on presenting to the public anymore, you could delete those comments.

Or your blog may have been the victim of a spam attack. If your comments don’t seem genuine, or they’re promoting another product, or they’re in a strange language, it’s understandable that you’d want to get rid of them. The easiest way to do this is to use a cleanup tool such as WP-Optimize on that not only clean up spam and trashed comments but so much more.


Warning – reviews for eCommerce

If you run a web shop with for instance WooCommerce, you need to be careful how you remove comments, as the reviews in WooCommerce uses the built-in comments in WordPress along with a little customization for the stars.


While it can take some technical finagling, it’s not overly difficult to remove comments from WordPress. With these simple tips, you’ll hopefully be able to do some spring cleaning on your blog.

With everything organized and in great shape, your site will be ready for a new audience’s eyes in no time!

Is there another way to do this that we may haven’t mentioned? Go ahead and let us know – we have not turned off comments for this post 😉