Revisiting old posts – years later

I recently rediscovered some old content from my old blog on another website. I have teased some of the content on Twitter @cleverplugins. (Fair warning, I am not very active on either)

There is some old content, the oldest is from 2009 and it is a tip on how to Change how the categories are listed for posts, and it is fun to reuse some of the old stuff that I wrote years ago. Years ago I decided to combine the many different blogs and websites I set up as it was becoming a hassle to keep them all updated and with fresh content.

At this point in time, there were no good options for Multisite management like ManageWP or any of the other excellent options out there. Having time to update one blog with interesting content was proving difficult, let alone multiple blogs.

Other content is still interesting, but not really relevant or outdated. A good example is a top 20 list I did of new WordPress plugins that I install on new websites. I remember spending time spread over weeks doing research when I could, but being from late 2009, it is at the time of this writing over 7 years old.

Going over the list recently I noticed I really only use 2-3 of them any more. The other plugins are outdated, of less importance or even completely useless. The internet is a fast changing place and in terms of SEO and website development, WordPress is a platform that has grown tremendously. The tools I use today have changed a lot.

A good example is the SEO plugins.

Today I more or less exclusively use WordPress SEO plugin by Yoast. Back then I recommended two other plugins, Platinum SEO Pack and All in One SEO Pack. I have not used either in years, except for testing for compatibility issues with my SEO plugin, SEO Booster PRO.

I think I will create a new top 20 list, or at least compile a list of new cool tools for WordPress Development. I made a post not long ago about the WordPress plugins that I use. I have put that page on my WordPress consultancy Larsik Corp. Check out the best tools for WordPress development.



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