Hello everyone, an updated version of SEO Booster 2 was released earlier today, and this new version contains a couple of fixes and improvements.

Let me give you a little bit of history first.

As some of you may know the SEO Booster plugin originates back from 2008, but have gone through quite a few iterations since then. The current version has been completely rewritten since the first version, and a lot of tweaks and fixes have been implemented since the first public release of version 2.

Very few of you know this, but SEO Booster v.2 should be called version 3. I did a complete rewrite of the plugin not once, but twice.

I started the first rewrite of the plugin before I moved to Barcelona. Once I was settled in my new apartment, I poured in a lot of hours, days and weeks into the code and in the testing. I was fortunate to have several good connections that helped me test endless development versions.

The codebase grew, and I found it difficult to limit myself, I kept getting new ideas or feedback that made me expand the code constantly. I also learned new techniques and improved as a coder along the way, so I rewrote parts of the plugin over and over.

At a time where I was starting to feel like I was ready to release the primary update some things happened in my life that forced me to change my priorities immediately and I had to drop working on the almost-ready plugin for many months.

Affiliate banner for SEO Booster - sign up as an affiliate if you want to promote the plugin and make money for every sale!
Affiliate banner for SEO Booster – sign up as an affiliate if you want to promote the plugin and make money!

Once I was ready to go back to the project I realized just how big the code had grown, and after a lot of debating with myself, I decided to start from scratch, again.

The re-rewritten plugin is what is now known as SEO Booster 2. The plugin has been around six years by now and ran on thousands of WordPress installations. I have plans and ideas for what I want to do with the plugin and where I want to take it, but based on experience I wait for a little before I start announcing anything.

For now, this was a little view into the history of the plugin, more details and history will come in later blogposts.

Here are the changes to version 2.0.12 which you can get right now.

Changes in SEO Booster 2 version 2.0.12

  • Fix in the settings page for detecting old SEO Booster v.1 keywords database table.
  • Code fix on the 404 page.
  • Cleanup in dashboard page.
  • Lennart Johansson made another update to the Swedish language file, thank you again Lennart 🙂
  • Removed database usage routines on dashboard page as it gave conflicts on some servers.
  • Code changes to adhere to WP best practices.
  • Fix in “Forgotten Pages” where queries could time out on large data sets.
  • Added more debug data to see whats going on. (Turn on and off in settings).
  • CSS styling changes to the log table.
  • Updated ignore link list.

If you already own a license for SEO Booster 2, the new version is ready to download via your WordPress admin or here on cleverplugins.com from your account.

If you don’t already own a license, then head over and check out what SEO Booster 2 can do for you and your SEO.

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